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    ::in really bad hand writing and spelling:: why not put out rules for each of the night markets by the host. It was mention to stop baiting others so fucking stop. Emmeric might over reacted by every one elses standard but the man has a right to fucking speack the way he wants. If how we each react offends you then start fucking walking out of the city because this shit is not going to stop. Now get the fuck over it and stop fucking with each others we still have more fucking problems to worry about. Like i dont k ow a possible counter attack from the camy fucks or the fucking 2 eye showing up.


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    Robbie is now a member of Blade.

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  • RE: "Dark" Movie Inspirations

    While the plot may not be related, The Crow films have been my go to for setting the scene for the World of Darkness pretty much since I began playing.

    Also the short lived Fox series Kindred the Embraced 🙂

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  • RE: Today's Weather

    April 20th, 2019:
    Tonight - Cloudy. Low near 50F. There’s a faint scent of weed in the air. Winds S at 10 to 20 mph.
    58°/50° (14°C/10°)
    Precip: 0%
    Winds: S 14 mph gusts to 20 mph
    Humidity 88%
    Sundown 7:41 pm
    Sunup 6:13 am
    Moon: The Moon tonight is in a Waning Gibbous Phase.

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    As I told your accomplice, Cali - “it was a prank” is a bullshit excuse and unacceptable. Respect the spaces.

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

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    Wasn’t my fault…this time

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    @jaxon said in What you do at home:

    Had you bothered to read what I wrote, you’d see I wasn’t so much addressing the prank, but the debate around which it was framed.

    Pssst! Anyone want to explain to him what “tl;dr” means?

    But anyway, I just figured y’all would’ve learned last time that these public displays and planned over-reactions don’t seem to work out so well. But you do you, Sunshine!

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    (( I had been hoping to be around to do it ic, but im really off and on, so we might have to just do it through chambers))

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    Oh, cool! Thanks for the cheat sheet!

    I gotta admit, I’ve was perplexed. Way I saw it, two Malks made a mess with pottery, and then were told to clean it up…and did. And that’s a Malk prank.

    (to be honest, I only recently learned about the concept, so not sure what they’re supposed to do. Nor who actually was pranked, and how. Were they pranking each other? )

    But then the genius started to unfold. The action wasn’t the prank - it was prompting the reaction. And there ain’t no such reaction as an over-reaction, amirite??

    Was there more deliberate puking? Guns pulled? Running around, waving hands? Is the sky falling? (again?)

    Only thing I’m sure of is Anja is, indeed, bae.

    TJ, pass the popcorn. Looks like this one’s still got some steam left.

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