• Button Pushing

    I make a quip here and there sometimes, but it is in no way button pushing. Course the whole “Baron gonna kill me” was a bad choice of words. All I do is be myself and yes i’m not the most charismatic person, doesn’t mean the situations that escalated we’re in any way intentional. Tucker was a unfortanate outcome of my last gross mannerisms I have gotten rid of and even if he tried to rile up my beast. I don’t know why Helena -cried-, but it wasn’t cause of me and if it was then I have some inner stuff to I need to deal with. If anyone can help me with being a little more charming i’d appreciate it.

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  • There is no crying in Brujah and button pushing is stupid

    Or, I guess there is crying in Brujah? There certainly is a lot of button pushing going on. Word has reached me that last night several things happened that led to inane behavior and for once, I am calling it out.

    Fasten your seatbelts- this is gonna be a bumpy and not very nice ride. I am beyond being nice or staying out of things right now.

    First, let me call out the button pusher.

    Vincent of Clan Nosferatu, you have once again proved yourself to be one thing and one thing only, a button pusher. This is not a compliment. This is calling you out for pushing buttons and poking bears for the sake of pushing buttons and poking bears. You sir, are an idiot.

    Unfortunately, your fellow Cainites are also idiots in that they allow you to push buttons. Now, I assume your quip after my post was intended to push MY button, but frankly, I don’t get it. I don’t care to give it enough thought to suss out your intent. But word has it you did it on purpose in order to provoke me. Your statement, “Baron gonna kill me.” and when asked if you thought that was wise, your answer was, “Nope.” followed by, “Now she knows who I am, I’m moving up.” Proves my point.

    But, as I said, I don’t get what you meant. I don’t care to. All I see is someone who tried (and failed) to push my buttons to raise my ire enough to kill you. Sorry, I can think of a whole host of reasons to kill someone- a ridiculous quip that I don’t understand isn’t one of them.

    What it DID do leads me to my next call-out. It made Helena cry. I guess. The timing here got real fuzzy as there was a considerable gap between you making your remarks and her Khan’ing it up with a cry of “WHYYYYY?!” to when she actually roused her blood enough to…cry after looking at Vincent with a pitiful expression like her fee-fees had been shattered by his deeply profound barb to her ego and presumably insulting me? Maybe?

    Not only did she set-back womankind for decades with her absurd display of damseling, she then fled the room, I assume to go, I don’t know, cut herself and listen to some My Chemical Romance? Maybe?

    Once again, Vincent, button pusher that he is, pushed someone into doing something stupid. Francisco, upon learning his clanmate (Is she really? I mean, there is no crying in Cainite, let alone crying in Brujah) fled the room with bloody, suitably gothic and forlorn tears of heartbrokenness streaming down her face, went after her.

    In a side room, we were once again given the incredibly laughable (To me at least) display of how Vincent likes to push buttons, provoke his fellow Cainites, then stand back and watch the carnage.
    As a reminder, we saw it with the Toreador, with his pushing them with his disgusting displays, then the final one which led to the murder of Tucker AND the veritable banishment from the city of his clanmate and my Emissary following his murder of Tucker.

    In that side room, following Francisco and Helena, I guess finally remembering they are Brujah, faced off in duel frenzy (I also hope it was caused by Helena realizing she has made every suffragette roll in her grave and Gloria Steinem to proclaim, “I feel a break in the force, like hundreds of years of feminism suddenly being shattered.”) which left Frank in torpor and Helena unceremoniously carted off in an undignified duffel bag with lumber sticking out of her chest.

    If any of my buttons were pushed, it was by the fucking crying BRUJAH WOMAN who acted like every sort of female I despise. You are not FIT to call yourself a woman.

    To sum up:
    Vincent, you and anyone who works with you, allies with you or just generally includes you in their dealings is an idiot and deserves every miserable minute they have with you. Those minutes always seem to be the calm before the storm. We have one murdered Cainite, my ally and friend, and now a torpored and armless Brujah and a woman who would STILL have wood in her chest if it was up to me. Purely on principle, mind you as I do not like damsels.

    If this is not enough to make him change or the rest of to wise up, I don’t know what is.

    • Felica O’Neill. Baron.
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  • Fury Frenzy- EVERYONE does it or has

    This is a (maybe not so) gentle reminder of what frenzy is, what it looks like and what your character will do and not do. No one is immune to frenzy, the Brujah are particular, are almost constantly susceptible to it.

    On the Brujah:
    If you play a Brujah, you most certainly have frenzied before the chronicle began. You may have even killed someone. It is inescapable and particularly young vampires (which you all are) have little ability to suppress the rage in their bodies via the Beast. It takes time and effort to learn to walk away, but even then, it is not likely you will be able to all the time.

    This is a given.

    On the Brujah and Everyone else:
    A vampire in frenzy is not nice nor do they merely punch people. According to the book:

    “A vampire in frenzy loses all
    capacity for rational thought,
    driven solely by rage, starvation,
    or panic. They do whatever it
    takes to rip their provocation to
    pieces, slake their Hunger, or escape
    the perceived threat, usually
    violently and with plenty of collateral
    damage. Unlike many other
    impulses of the Blood, a frenzy is
    never subtle.”

    Also from the book and pay close attention to this:
    "Provocation causes
    fury frenzy; insults, humiliation,
    or aggression risk unleashing
    bestial violence.

    A vampire in
    fury frenzy stops at nothing to
    tear the cause of the provocation
    to pieces, often together with
    anyone nearby: friend or foe.

    After destroying the subject of
    their ire, the vampire can make a
    Willpower test at Difficulty 3 (or
    5 if other enemies remain standing).

    Success ends the frenzy,
    while failing drives them deeper
    into the rage; they keep slaying
    anyone in the vicinity unless

    Notice the parts I bolded and italicized. “tear the cause of the provocation
    to pieces” and “destroy.” THAT is frenzy. You don’t slap or punch. You don’t use harsh words, you can not even speak coherently. You can not think coherentlly, you want nothing but to destroy. You ARE your Beast. Your Beast uses innate weapons, all vampires have fangs, some have claws. The Beast uses them. Both of them if you have them.

    This also applies to Riding the Wave. The difference is Riding the Wave is more focused. In frenzy, a Storyteller is supposed to take control of the character. When you Ride the Wave, you the player can choose who you frenzy upon- but if there is only one other person the scene, it’s that person. Whether or not they are the source of your pissed-offedness.

    Going forward, we will be calling for Frenzy more often. You can choose to call for it yourself or Ride the Wave if you so desire. If you do NOT play frenzy appropriately, we will take control of your character- as is clearly stated in the book we should.

    Per the book:
    “If not Riding the Wave, a
    vampire in frenzy becomes the
    property of the Storyteller for the

    We would prefer you play it yourself and play it correctly, but we will take control if you wish us to or do not play it as the game dictates.

    thank you.

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  • RE: Today's Weather

    May 26th, 2019:
    Tonight - Scattered thunder strike can be heard in the distance this evening with heavy clouds through out the night. Low around 65F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.
    87°/65° (30°C/18°)
    Precip: 0%
    Winds: WNW 9 mph
    Humidity 89%
    Sundown 8:13 pm
    Sunup 5:35 am
    Moon: The Moon tonight is in a Last Quarter Phase.

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  • RE: Since we can't get a meeting together.

    Were you in the same portal as me, TJ? When the hell did I tell the Lady’s guide I ate Kaelem’s soul? I killed him the night I Sired Brock. He threatened my Childe if I didn’t agree to a blood-bond. I frenzied and ripped him apart. I wrote my confession to Blade before I left.

    And if you really think I diablerized Kaelem, why the hell did you keep your mouth shut about it this long? Soul-eating’s not the kinda shit you turn a blind eye to, even for a friend.


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  • RE: Since we can't get a meeting together.

    Hector, in case you forgot were we was. Welcome to Branton, we always got shit on out plate. And don’t act like you didn’t it was coming. I told ya what I thought weeks ago the same night I asked for the meeting.

    As far as P-Funk members in the room, I wasn’t a member at that time but calling me a doingingist-nothing Lick while I was still healing after the fight is some bullshit when ya saw shit was bout to pop off and ya skipped out not wantin ta get involved.

    But since ya wasn’t there maybe ya should get facts first. It wasn’t like Aidan was kicking Tuckers ass from start ta finish. I didn’t act cause it was a fair fight. Then outta nowhere Tucker went down, not cause Aidan cut him, but like he just gave up and dropped. I went ta move and Tucker was already dead and he was already onta Emmeric.

    I ain’t waiting for ya ass ta do shit. I ain’t take Cassie out myself cause Felicia said she didn’t want no more killin.

    This ain’t no public accusation. You was there in the graveyard portal where she basically told that Louie Lick she done it. I was told P-Funk members couldn’t make calls for no-confidence cause of some like conflict of interest shit I still wouldn’t. Cause I ain’t a snitch and I ain’t gunna throw someone in this coterie under the bus like that. This ain’t a P-Funk issue, this about this coterie. And in case ya ain’t figured it out yet, that’s the point behind all this.

    I honestly to don’t give a fuck what she do at this point cause I ain’t havin a part in it. I ain’t gunna stay in a crew wit someone I can’t trust and has fucked over Licks in this crew. I said my peace. It’s up to y’all if wanna keep a liar and a traitor then go for it. I’ll leave.


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  • RE: Since we can't get a meeting together.

    I appreciate the honest laying out of the situation, Hector.

    I’m willing to undergo any tests for soul-sucking the Tremere got. My offer to let someone mind-control me into telling the truth or putting a truth spell on me before questioning about it all still stands.

    I’d also like to suggest that TJ undergo the same if he’s willing, and answer whether he honestly thinks I diablierized Kaelem.


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  • Newhouse Investigation and Sharing

    First off, thanking Delia here for the Newhouse info.

    Secondly, can we have a meeting or something? That way, I don’t have to wait for Delia or someone to fill me in when people are prodding me for answers to questions.


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