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  • RE: Fight Night

    Not an order, just an observation that for decades you Brujah have done this on the lowdown in some old warehouse. The Night Markets aren’t anymore secure and if you hold it there and things go bad, they will be comprised. It’s better to have it at a place we don’t mind leaving behind.

    • Felicia O’Neill. Baron.
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  • RE: Fight Night

    there are hundreds of abandoned warehouse and such, use one of those.

    • Felicia O’Neill. Baron.
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  • War Games In Branton

    War Games In Branton

    PLUS NEWS - INTRO – 00:11
    — Carlos Marques

    Tonight the United States Air Force will be conducting a war game scenario in Branton. A drone will be flying around and shooting “enemies” with a paintball gun. The public was not made aware in advance because the panic is part of the study.

    This has been Rebecca O’Hare for the Plus! News

    alt text

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  • RE: Clan Reputation

    I am as hypocritical as any Cainite, but I was not involved in that foolish endeavor which left Conner acting like a gorilla and Vincent extremely beaten and vulnerable when he was caught.

    • Absinthe
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  • RE: Clan Reputation

    @ticomat said in Clan Reputation:

    Although I do find it somewhat amusing that you don’t want us to look duplicitous but sent Vincent after the address of his guildmate.

    I did that?

    • Absinthe
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  • Scene tonight!

    There will be a scene tonight around 8:30-9pm eastern. Location TBD. Be there!

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  • RE: Fight Night

    ((ahh, gotcha. Good point. But the book is available at tonight’s market and since it is “always night” here you do have access now. So, please consider your notes as acceptably posted.))

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  • RE: Clan Reputation

    In a short peek through the notes here, I have found two notes of possible jobs.

    • Newhouse’s factory
    • Wights
      I see no results on Newhouse’s factory, I see no results on the Wights.

    I have heard of someone hiring Vincent to find an address on Conner. I am told it went horribly badly.

    I have also heard of attempts to play both sides against each other in the past with very negative results. Until we establish a reputation as being able to do our jobs, we can not afford to try to be duplicitous and sell secrets. If someone offers you a job, take it and do it and do not try to be cute and sell that person out. We are not to that level and won’t be for awhile.

    There are no notes on the Ball, the coroner’s botched kidnapping or other events that have taken place in this city prior to the arrival of Sarah, who is doing her due diligence and adding things.

    The state of the files, despite the longevity of residency of Vincent, Stuart and you, Robbie is deplorable. I see many files, once I pointed out the poor state of them, have been updated. Prior to my pointing that out, there was little there.

    Do not fool yourself into believing our clan is being discriminated against for no reason. We have not demonstrated a reason to go to us. Two jobs listed, two jobs with no information or follow-up. There may be more but I have no way of knowing that. It is no wonder no one comes to us.

    As for Vincent, his repeated errors in judgment added up with him somehow continually being coddled and his repeated promises to “get better” going unfinished.

    It is time to stop pointing fingers and get down to work. I will be moving on and I leave the Warren in the hands of Sarah who has proven she is Chief material. I find it laughable that Vincent was attempting to do that and yet…still nothing got done.

    Get to work, stop playing the martyr and pointing fingers. Take back our reputation. We are information gathers, secret hoarders and we work constantly, even if there is no job currently to be fulfilled. We are not witches or comedians.

    Remember that.

    • Absinthe.
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  • RE: On Fucking With The Occult

    Masha leads in conjunction with Xander. You may contact him at ###-###-####. The Tremere lead in Occult matters. It would behoove you to not make light of that, and despite your saying you aren’t making light of it, you clearly are.

    You are new to the city but Xander and the Tremere are not. Keep that in mind. I will not have these sorts of mistakes happen again. They are our occult experts.

    It would also behoove you to help your clan recover from the debacle that was Vincent and finally get to doing what Nosferatu do best, general information gathering. I have yet to see this in this city. It is a shame and I personally have gone to others for information over your clan.

    I also know I am not alone in that.

    Now, try to make light of my advice, you will only show yourself as no better than Vincent was in his deflecting. Perhaps instead you will take my words to heart and improve your clan’s image into something other than being clowns, ineffective and useless.

    I look forward to seeing the results.

    • Felicia O’Neill. Baron.
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  • RE: On Healing Agg Damage

    “A vampire must wait until the next night before healing a point of aggravated damage. After awakening and feeding (if desired), a vampire makes three rouse checks to heal a single point of aggravated damage for the night.”

    So yes, you may wake up and hunt then heal. By “at that moment” I meant is that all three rolls need to be rolled when you decide to heal instead of over the course of three nights. My bad!!

    However, once you start the process of healing all three rolls must be made at once. There is no feeding in between.

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