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  • RE: Orson

    Well he’s good on my end

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  • RE: Post if you are going to be away

    I will be not around-ish from 23rd-26th due to LARP and a certain Canadian invading my house. Pray for me.

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  • RE: Anjelique

    Just to inject a bit pragmatism-

    What are you going to ask?
    What makes you think they will answer?
    What if they refuse to come in for questioning?

    Just curious.

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  • RE: Leaving for now

    Oh, man. Sad to hear. Best of luck to you!

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  • Clan Flaws

    So, if you have read the note I posted about Obfuscate and how it impacts the Nosferatu in particular, I want to make sure everyone is playing their clan flaws. It is not fair to the Nosferatu players if everyone else gets a pass or has an easy time just because their flaw is not being hideous ugly.

    Be fair to your fellow Nosferatu players and play your flaw. This is part of the game and can not and should not be brushed off or ignored.

    That means ALL Brujah need to play the low, simmering rage they feel CONSTANTLY and roll frenzy way more than they already do (which is not a lot)

    That means ALL Gangrel need to act pack-ish and more animalistic. They should be territorial to an extent, not easily trusting- like animals. That does not mean they “grrr” and snap at every new person, but they also are not totes friendly with everyone. Their clan flaw means they acquire animal features over time as they frenzy, therefore that mentality is innate, not optional. You don’t just suddenly develop a tail if you are more Toreador than Gangrel. It is in your blood.

    Malkavians need to play their derangements. This means you play the insanity and it does NOT mean you are kooky and silly. No one likes a Fish Malk. This also means you don’t play it when it is convenient and forget it when it’s not.

    Nossies have been covered in the other post.

    Toreador- you need to keep in mind your love of beauty- no, your NEED for beauty and your physical discomfort in areas that are ugly, filthy, rundown (And not in that genteel old sort of way or even shabby chic kind of thing) Even around ugly people they should show discomfort. That means the bland, nondescript, not exceptional mask of Mask of a Thousand faces user is not appealing. It won’t send you into frenzy or make you hurl, but it won’t make you comfortable either.

    Tremere- their flaw is not overt, but in my opinion, their real flaw is the fact that the main Clan wants these outliers dead, or at the very least, reassimilated into the main clan. Trust should be rare and even if you “trust” you do not completely trust. Anyone could be someone who would sell their Mother to save their own skin, let alone sell-out a Tremere to get ahead. If it suited them.

    Ventrue- they want to be in charge, to be in business, to lead. Right now we have no PC Ventrue, but if we do get anyone, this will be enforced.

    So again, play your clan flaw. If the Nossies have to, so do you. It is only fair.

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  • Clarification of Mask of a Thousand Faces

    Mask of a Thousand faces allows those who use it to mask as someone another person would expect to see at any given place.

    For example, in a police station, they would look like your run-of-the-mill Cop, at an office building in the middle of the night, a custodian or security guard. At this level of Obfuscate you can not choose who or what you look like.

    Given that, we are now going to enforce the following:

    • Nosferatu using Mask in the Night Market ONLY will have the same mask every time. All Nossies will generally look like each other. Each Nossie can have ONE item they can produce, NOT wear to show who they are specifically.

    In the Night Market, you can reasonably expect to see Nosferatu there so you will get accustomed to their specific mask.

    IE: A hat they take out of a bag, a pendant, a scarf, etc. Once they don it, it is lost.

    The reasoning for that is because the rule specifically says it does NOT provide for a means of identification.

    • If a Nosferatu appears anywhere else, be it the park, the coffee shop, the Tavern, then they will look like someone who would fit there. So a homeless person in the park, a hipster in the coffee shop, a biker drunk in the Tavern. This is when the identifying thing can be used to show who they are.

    • This applies to anyone using Mask. But it will specifically impact the Nosferatu as they must mask more often than not.

    • Keep in mind that this makes the Nossies dangerous- as they should be. If they choose to not identify themselves, they could be anyone, even each other. Do NOT assume you know to whom you are speaking!!

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  • RE: Found next to Stan in the Night Market

    You can have it then

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  • RE: Found next to Stan in the Night Market

    To be fair, it’s not like my hat and that hat can be confused for one another…

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  • RE: Found next to Stan in the Night Market

    Robbie already has the hat shtick

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