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    (( I would but I’m missing 1 lousy xp which I couldn’t claim due to my croaking laptop ))

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  • Scenario #2

    :: Adolfus sits in the night market, reading the business section of the Star Ledger. He is waiting for Dutz who had contacted him earlier in the evening stating he had a proposal for him as Dutz enters ::
    Adolfus assumes a bored demeanor and idly flips the pages wait for people to arrive.
    Dutz-msk showed up in the market, dressed plainly except for a rather nice ring that most identify him with when he’s Masked. He looked around and walked over to Adolfus. "Hey Adolfus."
    Adolfus has a smile on his face as he sees Dutz enter. He sets the paper down, rises and offers to shake his hand. "Hello, Dutz. How are you this evening?"
    Dutz-msk shook Adolfus hand, with an easy smile of a used car salesman. "I’m good. Thanks for meeting me. I don’t want to waste your time, so to get right down to it, I’m looking for some investors to help grow my music business."
    Adolfus> Efficient - I respect that. ::Adolfus then purses his lips together in thought:: I’ll have to know more about it, of course, but I’m…intrigued.
    Dutz-msk nodded and stepped a little closer, making it seem like he was letting Adolfus in on something, his voice lowering just a touch. "Music is big money. I made good money when I had a pulse, and I’m making good money now producing it. But to make more money, which helps with the influence in the community, I want to open up a studio. I’ll cut you in on the profits, and introduce you to
    Dutz-msk the talent."
    Adolfus> And what are you seeking from me, exactly?
    Dutz-msk> Capital, plain and simple.
    Adolfus> Well, if you’re seeking capital and coming to me, then that rather underscores that I don’t necessarily need money back. It helps, of course, but perhaps there are other ways this may help.
    Dutz-msk nodded and smiled a little broader. "Certainly, I’m open to seeing how else we can work it out. I always assume First people with money are just looking to make more. What -would- you like?"
    Adolfus smiles broadly. "Access, my dear fellow. I must say, I’m rather intrigued my your ‘meeting people’ part.
    Dutz-msk nodded. "Eaaaasy to arrange. And let me tell you, artists, especially kine, really love anyone they think can help their career and get them a bigger stage for them to prune their peacock feathers. Just need to ask that everyone with a pulse keeps one, to the best of your ability."
    Adolfus nods as he assesses. "I’ll confess I’m interested - and willing. We must discuss amounts and transfer of financials, of course. That’s something I prefer to hold in a more, ah, discrete location. Would you be willing to bring the write-ups to a little place I have across town? I can then arrange secure transfer from there. Less public, and all…
    Dutz-msk> Ab-so-lutely. You let me know when works for you, and I’ll be there with bells on.
    Adolfus> I think tomorrow evening will be sufficient - unless you’re pressed for time. I imagine I can make arrangements on a short notice.
    Adolfus> But…::and he jots something down:: This is the location. ::and hands it over.::
    Dutz-msk nodded and took the address from him, nodding. “I’ll be there. Tomorrow works for me. Looking forward to hammering out the details.” he put the address away and put his hand out.
    Adolfus gives a broad smile and returns the handshake vigorously, his practiced features not twitching even a bit. Gathers his things and leaves.

    Grace strides in to the nightmarket, one headphone in her ear, the other dangling carelessly from the cable. She moves, each foot landing on the beat.
    Dutz-msk was at the market already this evening. He spotted Grace and stood up. He waited till she was settled before walking over to her, smiling easily. "Hey Grace, how are you?"
    Grace strides over to a seat, her favorite seat. She lowers her self into it, her head bopping to the beat as the song plays.
    Grace holds up her finger, closes her eyes… and waits for the song to play out. It eventually stops, she pulls the earphone out, and looks up at Dutz.
    Grace> You’re masked. What do you want. ::her voice dripping with disdain::
    Dutz-msk laughed. "Would you prefer talking with me if I -wasn’t-? I thought I’d be doing you a favor. Anyhow, I know the Roses aren’t fans of how involved I am in the music industry… how would you like an opportunity to scout for new childer among my talent?"
    Grace ‘s perfectly shaped eyebrow raises ever so slightly.
    Grace> Mmmmm. Maybe not childer. But… I’m always happy to be surrounded by playthings.
    Grace glances down at her nails, checking them.
    Dutz-msk looked up and rocked his head from side to side. “Yeaaah… I can see that, too.” he leveled his gaze with her again. "I think we can make that happen. In return though, you’d need to help promote the recording studio I’m spinning up."
    Grace glances up at Dutz.
    Grace> Hm.
    Grace> I’ll have my pick of your stable anyhow. So, you’ll have to do better, big and ugly.
    Grace claws her hand through her hair, messying it up just the right way.
    Grace> If you want my people talking about your shit music ::she leans in, smiling thinly:: I’ll need to have Adolfus’ haven location.
    Grace> Or… ::she leans back:: …you can go fuck yourself.
    Dutz-msk sucked at his teeth. "And here I was, about to leverage a threat about the media war, dropping scanadals, sacraficing my own talent, having them associated with people in your circle… and then everyone wastes resources circling their wagons."
    Grace shrugs.
    Grace> Such is unlife, baby boy.
    Grace> See… no loss of mine if you fail.
    Grace smiles, predatorily.
    Dutz-msk> Let’s say I have that information, what do you plan to do with it?
    Grace shrugs, raises up to her feet.
    Grace> I plan to use it as the motivation to spread the word of your silly little project, and make it the talk of the town. Possibly the East Coast.
    Grace pops her earphone back in, the music starting up again.
    Grace> Call me with the information, and I’ll get the wheels in motion. Or… good luck.
    Dutz-msk> Uh-huh, and -when- Adolfus finds out I told you? Wouldn’t it be better for me to just let him know that you’re gunning for him and prowling for his information? Then when he snuffs you out… I can fill in the vacuum.
    Grace pauses in the door, and turns.
    Grace> Who do you think he’ll believe, rat? Me? Or your leather clad fat ass.
    Grace rolls eyes, exits.

    Chris walks into the night market, a sour expression on his face, wearing jeans and a black t-shirt.
    Dutz-msk comes into the market a short time later, still masked, still with his identifiable ring. He looks around and spots Chris, walking over to him. “Hey Chris…” he smiled warmly.
    Chris> "hi whats up"
    Dutz-msk> Trying to move some pawns… thought I’d talk to a Rook. Feel like being part of a little power play?
    Chris> "ya know it where do you want me?"
    Dutz-msk leaned in, a little conspiratorially ((sp)). "Dealing with a Rose who thinks she’s got a plan. I need to find out where Adolfus’ haven is at. Think you could take a peek in your mirror and find that for me?"
    Chris> "sounds risky whats in it for me?"
    Dutz-msk> Easier if you tell me what’d you like. You know my clan, selling out where we got our information tends to -stop- the information… so I’m not going to tell anyone where I got it, so that’s part of the deal automatically.
    Chris> "hm i could do it for a minor favor i’ll let you know what it is later on"
    Dutz-msk looked impressed. "Well, that was easy. Done."
    Chris> “i just fed so i’m in a good mood”

    Chris walks into the coffee shop aafter while of searching.
    Adolfus is sitting, legs crossed on his neatly pressed slacks, a cup of imported coffee growing cold next to him.
    Chris> ::walks over to Adolfus and sits at his table:: "hey i got some info you’re gonna be interested in.
    Adolfus notes the familiarity with a detached expression. “I enjoy all manner of information. I’m guessing you’re not here purely for altruistic measures.” ::His tone sounds abrupt, but then he flashes a smile. "It just so happens I enjoy conducting business. What are you presenting?"
    Chris> "but no less than a major favor i’ll be giving away this -secret.-
    Adolfus ‘s shark eyes don’t even flicker. "That sounds preposterous on so many levels, as I’m sure you know. Morseo if you expect me to go for a ‘pig in a poke’, as the saying goes. Why should I pay such a sum? What is it you have?"
    Chris sits back in his sit tapping on the table
    Chris> "a sewer rat just told me there are others looking for your haven, so i thought i’d come by and tell y"u
    Adolfus> I’d be offended if nobody was. Why should I worry about it this time?
    Chris> "i’d could just as well find it and sell the information to someone else, unless your haven means so little to you"
    Adolfus> And I’m sure there are those who will seek information of where others’ bed down - and will that to me. I’m not even sure what you’re offering - you just forewarned me.
    Chris> "or perhaps i’ve already told them where your haven is"
    Adolfus smiles, his shark eyes not flickering. "…which you are now trying to sell me…what?"
    Adolfus> My security team has been complaining about boredom recently. It looks like I’ve got a new project. I think now -I- want to sell -you- something.
    Chris> "do tell"
    Adolfus> I’d like to sell you…tomorrow night. And next week. And the month thereafter. And all the time you can muster in these Godforsaken nights without me giving you an all-expenses paid trip to the closest sun-drenched beach.
    ::end scene::

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  • RE: Serial Killer

    The problem is that he’s shitting on the stuff we eat. Plus it draws too much fucking attention from the cops.

    Do you wanna fix this yourself, Alex? Since it’s on your turf?


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  • RE: Serial Killer

    I looked for the social media accounts of members of the Roseberry Dental Clinic:
    Geoffrey Kline, Steven Taylor, Edward Roman, and Mark Moscowitz do not fit the description we are looking for. Robert Hargaden doesn’t have any pictures so who knows.

    Will work on more later.


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  • RE: Serial Killer

    At last, someone besides me who thinks “in the round.” Look ahead, behind, to the side, 10 steps ahead and a year, two year, ten years ahead. Always consider every angle and clean up your mess.

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

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  • RE: Serial Killer

    Question, and call me silly for asking but- What happens if or when you find him?

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

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  • RE: Serial Killer

    I don’t want to take the credit here. I was given the list by Cassie, who I think received the list from Savage.


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  • RE: Post if you are going to be away

    @dhampirlord said in Post if you are going to be away:

    Will be absent this weekend due to LARP, don’t burn the city down while I’m away 😉

    I promise nothing.

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  • RE: Today's Weather

    February 19th, 2019:
    Tonight - Partly cloudy skies. Low 22F. Winds NNW at 10 to 20 mph.
    39°26° (4°C/-3°)
    Precip: 0%
    Winds: Overcast. Low 26F. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph.
    Humidity 61%
    Sundown 5:38 pm
    Sunup 6:43 am

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  • RE: Letter from the Killer

    The list of potential dentists… apparently:
    :: Shine Bright Dental, Park Practise, Roseberry Dental Practise, Dent-o-Fix::

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