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  • RE: Discussion: The Third Flower

    (( just send the sts a note or join chambers ))

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  • RE: Question re: The Ministry

    Actually, this is a good post and I have had those questions as well. Answer will be forthcoming soon!

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  • RE: A source for character models!

    Ha. You missed one Nik found with a melted conjoined ear.

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  • Plus News 16 February 2019 - Missing Young Couple

    Young Couple Missing

    PLUS NEWS - INTRO – 00:11
    — Carlos Marques

    A young married couple have been reported missing. Alyssa and Eva Krupa-DiDonato, both 19, were supposed to pick their twelve week old son Simon up from the care of his grandmother Lena Krupa who had been looking after him while the couple went for dinner together at a restaurant in the Breweries on Valentine’s Day. The two spoke to Lena over the phone before leaving the restaurant but did not arrive as expected and have since been uncontactable.

    alt text

    Police say it is too early to suspect that this may be the work of the so-called Butcher of Branton who has claimed responsibility for the recent murders of Tiffany Green and Charisma Jones and who promised to ‘take two girls next’ - but this has done nothing to quell the panic and fear over this killer stalking our streets and Lena Krupa says she is praying that the police find the girls before it is too late.

    Alyssa Krupa-DiDonato is 19 years old, 5’8, with brown hair, slim build, hazel eyes, and olive skin. Eva Krupa-DiDonato is 19 years old, 5’6, slim build, with brown hair, fair skin, and brown eyes.

    Authorities are asking anyone with information related to the case to contact Branton Police.

    This has been Rebecca O’Hare reporting for Plus! News.

    Next up this morning, you’ll never believe which body part scientists say might be able to predict your mental health, and we’ll be talking with local woman Marie who just graduated college…at the age of a hundred and four. We’ll see you after the break.

    alt text

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  • RE: Mr Migget Miggetson

    I’m really sorry, Da. He sounded like a very sweet boy.

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  • RE: Mr Migget Miggetson

    They were both very good boys. Sending you lots of love and hugs

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  • RE: Mr Migget Miggetson

    I’m so sorry, Da. Love me some Migget typings. He will be missed and our love is coming your way. Huggggs

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  • Willpower

    The next thing we are adding to the list of things to work on, is Willpower. Until stated otherwise, willpower can not be spent for inconsequential rolls.



    We will consider a spend in the event of a Bestial failure, but it will be at our discretion. We have already eliminated the Social willpower damage as it does not work in our game.

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  • RE: Hitting Back

    I’m in. Got a pistol someone can borrow for the fight provided you know how to shoot. You’ll owe me a favor if you lose it, though.


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