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    Welcome aboard, darling!


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    ::in really bad hand writing and spelling:: why not put out rules for each of the night markets by the host. It was mention to stop baiting others so fucking stop. Emmeric might over reacted by every one elses standard but the man has a right to fucking speack the way he wants. If how we each react offends you then start fucking walking out of the city because this shit is not going to stop. Now get the fuck over it and stop fucking with each others we still have more fucking problems to worry about. Like i dont k ow a possible counter attack from the camy fucks or the fucking 2 eye showing up.


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    ((how is upcoming Fri or sat?)

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  • Tower slave 2

    For everyone present at ((the club)) on the Strip tonight, an update. The ghoul that was identified by someone before I was on the scene was taken and disposed of properly. He was the last of Camille’s retainers, and did not know of the whereabouts of any of the other Tower lick’s servants. He was less than a month or so bound, and referenced that the only other retainer he had contact with went missing a week or so ago.

    He was able to confirm that the older retainers were told to flee to Atlanta, where they were to rendezvous with Beauregard. So, that lick is out of town too.

    Again, I am not certain as to the whereabouts of any of the other tower slaves, so we need to remain vigilant, but this one is no longer a problem.

    • Emmeric Durand
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    We got another one. Found him out behind a club on the Strip, pretty strung out and needing a fix. Felicia said to kill him, so Emmeric and me took him some place outta the way and Emmeric put a bullet in his head, then dumped the body down a manhole. Guessing the Nos are gonna take care of it.

    Got some info before Emmeric offed the ghoul. Guy was called Justin Chase. Seems like he belonged to the French bitch. Worked as a bouncer at a club on nights the French bitch wanted part of the place to herself. He got stuck outside on main club door duty those nights, so probably didn’t overhear anything good. Seemed pretty new, said the only other ghoul he knew was made a week after him and went missing a couple days back. Probably the one TJ and Robbie took care of.

    He’d been told to go to Atlanta and find the old Tower Prince same as the other one.


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    Robbie is now a member of Blade.

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    Helena of the rabble is now a probationary member of Spine.

    Please join me in welcoming her.


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    Brazil :
    This is how good corpocratic capitalism is at putting a pretty face on injustice and dehumanization. This is what happens if you see through it, if you dare to hope for life outside of it, if you try to resist. This is how good bureaucracies are at getting people to follow utterly inhumane expectations with a clear conscience.

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    Devil’s Advocate. Because deep down, I’m an infernalist.

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