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  • RE: The Collective Opening Outfits, 12/09/18



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  • Cherry Picking

    So, last night we were confronted with a conundrum. Aidan asked Francisco, who owes Aidan a debt, to perform a task in order to pay it off. Frank refused. When his own clan tried to get him to comply, Aidan, justifiably, took back his request as he rightfully surmised his request had been compromised.

    You see, upon Aidan requesting the repayment and being refused, Frank went running off to his clanmates TJ and Angelo who told him he needed to pay it off. Frank then SWORE he told them nothing about what the task was. Expecting us all, I guess, to take the word of a word-breaker as gospel. He also said he was incapable of performing the task as it was “not my set of skills.”

    The task that was asked of him, which Aidan later revealed publicly, was to tell Aidan if Angelo spoke of harming Aidan again. That’s it. Nothing more. Requires no other skills other than listening and speaking, something I have seen Frank capable of. So, no, it wasn’t that he was without any special skills to perform the task, he just didn’t want to and refused to pay his debt. I can’t blame Aidan for trying to cover his ass either. Angelo has already tried to attack him once, in public, I imagine him wanting to know if any other threats existed is not beyond the pale.

    Later, when Aidan poked his finger into Francisco’s chest, cries about Mr. Johnson’s “rule” that violence in the Market is justified were sent up,trying to make it look like Aidan was about to break it, or goad Frank into breaking it. As if a poke to the chest of anyone is breaking Pax Vampirica- which is the rule of ELYSIUM in the Camarilla. Not the Night Market. Frank went so far as to say his past actions, which have us all wondering if we have a murder hobo in our midst, get a pass as they occurred before Johnson put his foot down.

    I reminded him that the rule is in place NOW because the murder hobos have no common sense (then or now) and that protecting the Masquerade was ALWAYS a rule. That calling attention to the meeting place of Cainites has ALWAYS been a rule. Having to write it down was because these knuckleheads can’t think independently.

    All of this is clear cherry picking. Calling upon and embellishing the rule of “justifiable violence only” then blatantly ignoring other rules is cherry picking. You can’t invoke one rule to try to get an advantage and ignore another.

    The other rule that is being ignored is the following:

    “Record and pay your debts. We’re here to trade freely and ensure what needs done is done. If you fail to pay your debts…well, imagine the best day ever, followed by the worst thing imaginable happening to you…and know that I’ll do that, but with some additional creative flare. Doubt me? Take a closer look at that burn spot over there. Yes, that one - right there.”

    So, I know I for one will not be entering into any debt with Francisco, neither should anyone else. If you do and the requirements for pay off are refused by him, either because he doesn’t want to do it or claims he hasn’t got the skills (Which, to remind you all, that is not an excuse. If you can’t do something, find someone who can. Simple. That is how this works.) then you have no one but yourself to blame.

    I also say that should you be requested to pay off a boon and you refuse, the timer for when they expire is reset. I say this because if I owe a boon and refuse to repay it over and over until it expires…then the person I owe loses the boon. Not completely fair, don’t you think?

    Mr. Johnson, as keeper of The Book and the favors therein, make it so.

    Honestly, seeing what I saw last night, I can see some “clever” Cainite trying this. So, I as Baron, am nipping it in the bud, right now.

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron

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  • RE: Francisco.

    ::this is cosigned by, “Baron Felicia O’Neill.” ::

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  • RE: Aidan

    I don’t care either way. Yeah, would have like to have heard it from the horse’s mouth but I’ve also long figured out that if anyone condemns someone else’s power play, they are hypocrits. I’m not that butthurt. We are Cainites, it’s in our nature. If Tia is for it, I’ll follow her and Aidan. You want to lone wolf it, have at it but as they say, no man is an island, be careful voting yourself off it.

    The other T

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  • Baron of Branton

    I, Felicia O’Neill of the Ventrue, declare myself Baron in the city of Branton. Aidan of the Nosferatu will be acting a Emissary.

    Aidan will be heading up the creation and organizing of the new coteries. See him for information on an appropriate spot for yourself if you haven’t decided already.

    • Felicia O’Neill, Baron.
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  • RE: Two girls and an ambulance.

    ((walk into Syn? I’m guessing that’s a typo. Can you clarify?))

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  • RE: Two girls and an ambulance.

    Maybe she just didn’t want the hassle OR…put your thinking caps on your real head and consider this for a moment… She can’t do it and is all, “ooo, no no no, this is bad, really bad…my spirit animal is telling me no bueno.”

    She’s a kook. Kooks are crazy.

    But I’ll meet her, but I’m not going to just take what she says at face value. I could say I see visions too, doesn’t mean I really can and none of you can prove otherwise.

    The other T

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  • Sooo

    Exactly how much have yall two chuckleheads told this Anja person, well other than that we want to do the whole body disposal thing, want an ambulance, etc…

    Cuz right now, and granted I haven’t met her, I’m not in anyway in favor of being in the Coterie with her.
    And I mean didn’t y’all get any inkling she’s this dumb? Come on…

    The other T

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  • RE: A Claim of Territory

    Baiting a Brujah and courting a Coterie that we now know, thanks to someone standing up and claiming them,is comprised mainly of Brujah.

    Good idea.

    Also, why do we care about these mortals, exactly?

    Felicia O’Neill

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