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  • RE: Parliament Nominees

    I also be wanting to let you know that this be more about the rules for Crucible than you personally. I heard ya helped, and that does mean something to licks in this town. It means ya got chops and maybe can be worked with. You don’t wanna do the favours thing, that’s cool, you know the score now. If you can negotiate shit like a barter, more power to ya. If someone agrees that’s between you two and ain’t backed up by nothing else.

    You don’t wanna join a guild, that’s up to you, so long as you help us stay free. You been doin’ that, so like they say… you do you. It means ya will be a bit less trusted, but you know that and are big enough to deal with it I’m sure. Maybe you’ll find a coterie to work with on something, that ain’t no small deal. It’s the same thing for any Anarch who comes here and ain’t down with joining a guild right away… you do need to help the city defend itself, and you don’t get a vote on shit or to lead shit you ain’t officially a part of. What you do get is to live here, work here, grow here, and of course access to the book.

    I be curious to see how your stay works out.

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  • RE: Eddy

    I’m fine with it. He seems very nice to me. And competent.

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  • RE: Summer Solstice Event

    I think this is a fabulous idea my good fellow, and one I can fulsomely support. I do fear that Masha brings up a good point, to which I shall add that we may not want to make it easy for other Cainites to be put in touch with occult figures we may know or want to know. Also I personally wouldn’t bring any kind of thing that might be used later against me, so say a retainer whom can then be identified.

    Otherwise I think this is capital! If we want to use the park let us at least let the Gangrel know our intentions and perhaps see who might wish to be involved in any such ceremonies amongst our fellows in the other clans.

    Yours Sincerely,


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  • RE: Parliament Nominees

    ((Keep in mind that everything here is IC, so there isn’t much need to give ooc commentary, or check, it makes things much easier. If you have questions then feel free to pop into chambers, or if you pull a dick move and feel bad, it’s fine to PM the person and say sorry about X. But not to give your motivations or any IC info, because that then poisons the well, and we really try to separate that out for game experience. So OOC we’re all friends and can share a good laugh, even whilst frenzying or trying to kill the other person IC, and everything done IC is assumed to be from that route, though of course we take a very dim view if anything bleeds over. Hope that helps you get the context of the boards a bit easier. ))

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  • RE: Parliament nominees

    He abstained.

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  • RE: Status & Reputation

    Updated with the new people added and people deleted and shifted around.

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  • RE: Fury Frenzy- EVERYONE does it or has

    There is some confusion about when to roll if an ST is in the same channel as you. Whether or not an ST is in the channel is not relevant. You should know when your character is angry or humiliated. You can and should either roll to frenzy or Ride the Wave when this happens.

    You then have a choice. As stated above, Riding the Wave allows YOU to decide on whom you attack. Frenzy means you attack whoever is there, in the way. If you are alone with one other person, even if it is not the person who pissed you off, you attack them.

    According to the book, as stated above, if you roll to frenzy and fail, the STs are supposed to assume control of the character- but we are giving you the option of roleplaying it yourself. You can turn it over to us, we will do the “hard stuff” but you have the option of doing it yourself. If you Ride the Wave, you keep control of the char and can aim your frenzy.

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  • RE: Tower Feedback on Knowing When to Roll Frenzy

    I had said to eddy last night that if hes in doubt he can just ask us.

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  • RE: Tower Feedback on Knowing When to Roll Frenzy

    I’ll add it.

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  • RE: Tower Feedback on Knowing When to Roll Frenzy

    It says right there, you can do it yourself. Not sure why this is an issue. 😕

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