• RE: Message from Mr Johnson

    They crawled and begged and they are allowed back in now for anyone who sees them there you don’t have to kill them for entering any more.

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  • V I need your help

    Hey man, I need to talk to you about some advice with some clothes. You seem like the kind that would know what I’m looking for.


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  • Bit of a mess

    I accidentally killed a guy tonight while feeding. Took care of the corpse and all, so no worries there. I just don’t know if I was seen by any camera on my way back from -The adress of an appartment block in Seven Points-, so I wanted to warn y’all if any news concerns a disparition of a Kine, it might be me.

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  • RE: Possible Concussion

    hug I hope you feel better soon! And if you feel really bad, please don’t torture yourself to stay online. Recovery is more important.
    No worries about being quiet tonight. Torries love to hog the spotlight 😛

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  • RE: Coteries and You and XP

    Please note, short term goals do not contribute to XP awards upon completion in and of themselves. That can be done as posted above.

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  • Possible Concussion

    Hey, so yesterday I fainted and fell and knocked shit all over the place.

    I’m mostly pretty ok, but every tiny thing exhausts me. I still hope to be there for tonight’s meeting.

    BUT, my RP ability is mildly impaired.
    So I’m not at all asking y’all to like go easy on my character. I am, however, asking y’all to let me take more of a back seat than he logically should. I get that 90% of the,meeting will be about Doc & Theresa, so…

    Maybe like let her do most of the recap about the events? Or like after he gives his account about a part of it, instead of grilling him with questions, just talk amongst yourselves about whether you believe him and then decide what the group thinks about it? Like, let’s pretend the group decides a punishment is in order: if we can do that with me typing about 40% of the sentenses I might otherwise type in that kind of scene, that would be awesome.

    I totally know that sucks for me to ask that, but that’s like the minimum I can guarantee I’ll pull off. But I mean who knows, maybe I’ll be able to do full, unprotected RP tonight and crank out my full usual of sentences. Like if this post is any indication…

    So anyway, that’s where I’m at at the moment.


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  • RE: Embracing the Tone of a Game- good article


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  • RE: Embracing the Tone of a Game- good article

    "The issue happens when instead of acknowledging that you don’t want to be playing Monsterhearts, you’re just going to fight the system and try to make it do what you want. Sometimes at the expense of the fun and play of your GM and fellow players.

    When we actively ignore the tone of the game, and start making characters that push against it, we undermine the efforts of everyone else to make a game have a solid feeling. If we go to play Fall of Magic, and everyone is making scenes that are dreamy and sad, and then we come in as a murder hobo and go gonzo, we’re ruining the fun of everyone else by breaking the social contract of game tone. The shift away from the tone of the game make fellow players and GMs groan and can make the game unplayable."

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  • RE: Embracing the Tone of a Game- good article

    This was a really cool article, thank you!

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