• People who actually showed up for the workshop

    Workshop 1.

    Character in brackets

    Isaac (Wess)
    Dhampirdude (Michael)
    Draghkar otherwise known as Brian (No character yet)

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  • RE: Today's Weather

    February 17th, 2019:
    Tonight - Cloudy all night. Low 36F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph.
    38°36° (3°C/2°)
    Precip: 0%
    Winds: N 9 mph
    Humidity 92%
    Sundown 5:36 pm
    Sunup 6:46 am

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  • RE: A source for character models!

    I was not able to download it, but there was a Bajorian lady.

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  • RE: Vampire Workshop

    Had to change my time as my DnD group changed start time

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  • Rules changes for projects

    Art, research, computers (hardware/software), etc they are all going to be streamlined into a single unified ruleset. Your total amount of rolls will be your base dicepool (just attribute+skill etc. Spec and backgrounds will only apply to the dice rolls) and the maximum dice rolls per week will be two. So if you have a dicepool of 6, you can roll 2 times every week for 3 weeks. Instead of the amount of successes determining how good your project is, it will be how many rolls have passed a difficulty of 3. The amount of passes you need to get to each tier will be as follows: 0-1 passes will be “terrible”, 2-3 will be “amateurish”, 4-5 will be “good” and 6+ will be “masterpiece”

    You can only work on one project at a time. You may pause a project to work on another.

    All current projects that are being worked on will be operated on the old rules until they are completed.

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  • RE: Willpower

    This is now the actual rules we will be following from here on out.

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  • RE: Question re: The Ministry

    It’s a long watch, but I think this gives a good sense of what they might know.

    Vampire: The Masquerade - L.A. By Night | Chapter 6: Immortal Longings – 2:49:40
    — Geek & Sundry

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  • RE: Question re: The Ministry

    @zahana said in Question re: The Ministry:

    …, each member of the Ministry approaches it their own way. One member may focus on being able to supply vessels, while another may preach to the nature of the vampiric condition, and yet another may provide a safe space to indulge in hedonistic acts. These certainly aren’t things that The Ministry has a monopoly on, but they sure as hell do it better as a clan than any others do.

    In your interpretation, who has access to that stereotype? Just that much. Only the Anarch 2 or Ministry 1 Lores? Or Kindred Lore 1 also?

    Cuz like at Kindred 1, you at least know the other stereotypes you mentioned that I shouldn’t have deleted already:
    Toreador = Artist
    Ventrue = Bidniss
    Tremere = Harry Potter but mean
    Brujah = Angry and Violent.

    At Kindred Lore 1, is it only
    Ministry = Pillar of Anarchs but that’s all you know is that they’re a pillar somehow, so just go by what you’ve seen of Lane which is very focused in a particular direction,

    While Anarch Lore 1 grants you access to
    Ministry = Pillar who do things like hedonism, preaching, vessels, drugs, and prostitution, but the only example you know of is your experience of Lane which is very focused in a particular direction?

    But that any hint of why or theology requires Ministry Lore 1?

    Is that congruent with your interpretation? Genuine asking.

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