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  • RE: ::txt to Tia, Masha and Sinjin::

    ((how is upcoming Fri or sat?)

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  • RE: Ghoul Safari

    We got another one. Found him out behind a club on the Strip, pretty strung out and needing a fix. Felicia said to kill him, so Emmeric and me took him some place outta the way and Emmeric put a bullet in his head, then dumped the body down a manhole. Guessing the Nos are gonna take care of it.

    Got some info before Emmeric offed the ghoul. Guy was called Justin Chase. Seems like he belonged to the French bitch. Worked as a bouncer at a club on nights the French bitch wanted part of the place to herself. He got stuck outside on main club door duty those nights, so probably didn’t overhear anything good. Seemed pretty new, said the only other ghoul he knew was made a week after him and went missing a couple days back. Probably the one TJ and Robbie took care of.

    He’d been told to go to Atlanta and find the old Tower Prince same as the other one.


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  • RE: "Dark" Movie Inspirations

    While the plot may not be related, The Crow films have been my go to for setting the scene for the World of Darkness pretty much since I began playing.

    Also the short lived Fox series Kindred the Embraced 🙂

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  • RE: "Dark" Movie Inspirations

    😠 😠

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  • RE: "Dark" Movie Inspirations

    KiDulthood and the series Skins (UK, I hear the USA remake is crap) are, I think, good mood pieces for growing up in the world of darkness. What it’s like to be an adolescent there.

    Ichi the Killer. Over the top violence, dark and ‘edgy’ as hell. A fun watch if you got the stomach for it. Definite Sabbat and Hunter elements.

    In My Skin - French, but there’s subtitles - is a grotesque but fascinating exploration of a woman’s descent into obsessive self mutilation. Very Malkavian.

    The Big Sleep. Classic hardboiled noir. The book is better because nobody does wordplay like Raymond Chandler, but it’s still fantastic. Big inspiration for when I played a Camarilla Brujah deputy who worked up to sheriff. The mood was perfect and is for WoD generally. Dark, oppressive, stylised. Always raining and the liquor flows freely, the men are grizzled, the women are fickle, everybody is corrupt as hell, and you’re just… tired, but doing what you gotta do because who the fuck else will.

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  • RE: What you do at home

    Cali and me don’t owe Emmeric shit and Spine still owes me a minor.


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  • RE: Today's Weather

    April 20th, 2019:
    Tonight - Cloudy. Low near 50F. There’s a faint scent of weed in the air. Winds S at 10 to 20 mph.
    58°/50° (14°C/10°)
    Precip: 0%
    Winds: S 14 mph gusts to 20 mph
    Humidity 88%
    Sundown 7:41 pm
    Sunup 6:13 am
    Moon: The Moon tonight is in a Waning Gibbous Phase.

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  • RE: What you do at home

    As I told your accomplice, Cali - “it was a prank” is a bullshit excuse and unacceptable. Respect the spaces.

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

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