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    [Whatever you’re doing, you suddenly are stuck in one of those crazy montages that go in reverse…
    You begin to see things you either never really paid attention to before or (for those who are newer to the city) you are seeing them for the first time
    Jane watching all, making notes. Mr. Johnson in corners spying unseen. you see Reznor reporting to Johnson and drinking his blood, reporting shit all the time…
    Then, you see Adam. The Thinblood. Cassie knows him well. Spying and reporting to Camille. Sleeping with her. Drinking her blood. So many things, so many spies, so much deception that was totally overlooked and ignored in an effort to trust anyone and everyone you called friend, or considered “safe”.
    You don’t see the Toreador but you see Johnson, Jane, Reznor, Adam and Adam as a girl. All spies. All traitors. All treacherous.]

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