Here we go, people.

  • So, for concrete action next steps:

    • Emmeric and I will continue the dialogue piece and work to setup one or two meets - E let’s discuss offline

    • Who will be taking point on coordinating the required backup? And will they outline the plans here please?


  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    As of now, having spoken my thoughts, I am stepping back. I look forward to seeing the results.

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  • Y’all are assholes.

    I have my complete doubts about the Roses ability to pull it off. Diana’s champing at the bit to help, because she doesn’t know enough yet to understand how badly she’s being manipulated and used. But there’s an absence of alternatives, so let’s do this. Accounts will be settled later.

    I still recommend the Ferris Wheel. Put it down as symbolic. Put it as a lure to bring Diana there to get me back, who will be faux-staked. If no one has the know-how to rig Camille to explode - and that might not be the best idea anyway - have her available in an easy-to-grab position to entice Melesha to do just that.

    Except, if not explosives, give her a retractable chastity belt or something - lord knows she probably overdo for it, so when they race off, she’s still anchored to whatever she’s brought on. If they do try a snatch-and-run, it’ll be a rude surprise. Like Lucy pulling away the football before Charlie Brown can kick it. And it may not be Camille - it may be Maxwell who tries it.

    Blade is not so ineffectual at firearms as has been made out. Most have some familiarity, and a few have genuine talent. To my knowledge, we don’t have long-range rifles. If any are available, that would help.

    Such a location would also allow some of our people to lurk beneath the water line, ready to spring out. This isn’t dependent, but would be useful. If there’s any way to try to influence the location, it needs to be done. This shouldn’t be unreasonable, you will be the ones “fleeing” with major burdens, and your options should seem limited.

    If you can’t do this, then there is no plan. Just reaction.

    In that case, I’ll be there, faux-staked, Diana will be there, bristling with knives, no doubt. Whomever the Camarilla sends…and you two, for whichever side you choose to support.

    That’s not an ideal situation. They’re getting what they want, with an added bonus. You should be able to at least push for a location. We’re both trying to set up a trap. If we can’t gain some advantages to counter all that we’re giving them, then we shouldn’t bother.

    Giving them all the advantages is setting up a loss. We may as well surrender the city if we can’t do better than that.

    Beyond that, the rest of Spine needs to be ready to distract, delay, or deter Kine response. Tia, I can’t predict the special skills you folks can bring, so anything you and Hilt could add would be great.

    When do we want to plan this? Sooner the better, obviously. Sunday night might be fun, just because it’ll turn to April Fool’s at midnight. Or maybe that’s just my girl rubbing off on me.

    • Hector

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    If anyone has the contacts, I got the money. So the BS crew can pay for the weapons of the dumb jock crew. If needed I can pitch in with the shooting. I don’t expect you to settle this account, but if you want to pay for them in installments, then that’s fine. Camille going boom when near your precious Diana is probably a bad idea, so would need to be done at a point we can keep her safe. Despite your posturing, we’re keeping that in mind and I think I can be speaking for everyone else when saying that is something we’re keen to do. But just like anyone else, if you live in the city and can help, then ya gotta do it or not be part of our group. Simple as that. It’s dangerous being a lick, loads of us anarchs die, and I also won’t shy away from that if it happens. I get you wanna keep her safe and all, but I won’t bullshit you about whether it is a possibility or not. It is. Just one we’ll try and mitigate. Keep in mind, we do try and defend our own, and she counts. So I’ll be doing that as much as possible.

    As for the plan, have at it. Y’all know battlefields better than the rest of us. It’s your raison d’etre. I’d think it’s hard to jump out of the water and shit, but what do I know? I just move in boardroom and finance circles, don’t I? I do like the idea of fixing up Camille, maybe tie her to Hector with a steel wire or some shit? Again, I leave this to y’all to figure what’s best.

    • Yves

  • Hector,

    Get in touch with Jenna. She, allegedly, can snipe. I can as well, but I’ll be… otherwise busy.

    • Emmeric

  • Emmeric and I will be meeting them tomorrow whether we have backup to do it or not.

    I’m not sure if that was missed earlier before I had a knife thrown at me by Hector.

    I assume there is some tactical support being planned, but I really have my doubts now. Perhaps someone from Blade can reply with what they are planning.

    Regardless, it occurs tomorrow and Spine, Emmeric and I are ready to uphold our end of this.


  • We have time and location. As noted, it will be at the Ferris Wheel.

    The Roses will go for a meeting spot. Diana will be there. Camille will be there. I might be there. Whomever shows up from the Tower. Here are the elements.

    1. Camille. I don’t know if anyone has access explosives. I don’t think it’s a great idea, anyway, because explosions can cause frenzy which may really disrupt our battle plans. I recommend we have a strong chain wrapped around her under her clothes, and anchored to whatever she’s brought on.

    2. Me. It’d be worth I’d like a rig for a faux stake sticking out of my chest. A metal plate under my shirt with half a stake affixed. Put me on a hand truck or something. However, if it’s more complicated than just standing still, I don’t think I can fake it, so should probably in the closest storefront. One possibility is I just run up on the meeting, like chasing Diana. They may even appreciate that, thinking I’m unbalanced and try to scoop me up.

    3. Our forces. Blade should be out there in force. Bettie says she’s in. I need a roster from Hilt and Spine about who wishes to participate and in what manner. Jenna with rifle? Anyone else? I can’t wrap them in until I know that.

    4. Any ‘irregular’ tactics. If those with Disciplines and power beyond simple combat skill, please advise how best they might be deployed (if any).

    5. Opposition. We know Melesha is fast and strong af. I have no idea about the Keeper. I doubt the Prince will show (why should he?) but if so…I’m sure he’s tough. I’m betting Maxwell shows. Given that he’s unseen, he’s the wild card. But he also could look like someone else. The Malks gotta be on point with this. I suspect we can expect ghouls and such. We saw one at the bartenders in tactical gear. Should expect more.

    6. Communications – I have 8 headsets that should be given to a variety of folks. However we split up (given with the roster available), they will be distributed.

    Plan, for now:

    A) Snipers in elevated positions in the ferris wheel carriages, if possible, rooftops, etc. with good sight lines.
    B) Melee personnel / more gunners in surrounding shops and such, ready for cue.
    C) Any auxiliary/Special ops folks also there.
    D) Any obfuscated combatants on the periphery, ready to move closer as the meeting begins. Those who can combat, do. Those not so much, be ready to interfere with retreat efforts.
    E) At some point, there will be a signal. This will depend on actions on the ground. At that point, all hell breaks loose. Gunfire focusing on a couple of targets – Kindred first, then Kine. Melee moving in; fast movers will seek to counter their own. Instructions to NOT punch Kindred, if possible.

    This will be updated as we establish numbers and firepower we’re bringing, and any specialty skills possible. I doubt we can set-up much beforehand – one assumes they’ll be watching for it.

    Items needing updates now:

    • roster (who’s in, and in what capacity)

    • special abilities to deploy

    • ((some questions for STs))

    • Hector

  • Storytellers

    As the mission is tomorrow, I do not have time to organise a proper roster. It’ll be whoever is immediately available. However I have informed my Guild and told any who can participate to reach out to both you and myself as soon as possible.

    As far as the abilities that may be useful that I am prepared to share:

    Many of my Guild have the ability to see the unseen, such as Cainites utilising the power of invisibility. Some have the ability to utilise the power of invisibility.

    If my Clan is granted access to Camille prior to the mission, we can put a dormant curse on her, to be activated if needed. Results may vary, so it is not something that should be relied upon. We should not under any circumstances allow the Tower to actually take any of our Sectmates or prisoners. There are also a couple of curses that can be done in the heat of the moment.

    We can track any who escape, provided we know who we’re looking for.

    We can enchant one or two weapons such as I did to my own knife when fighting Camille. Can not do this for everybody. It is not a trivial thing to do.

    Jake, if available, is a good scout. Bettie can speak to her own abilities but is both a skilled scout and warrior.

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  • I agree with not pretending to be staked. Additionally, I have no idea what running up to the scene will do other than ruin the surprise, so my vote is no on that.

    In addition to Emmeric and I, Wes will be there. I am awaiting to see if others wish to join the tactical front.


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    Anja will endeavor to be there. She will be able to ‘take potshots from the shadows’. And may be able to disable security cameras in the area if there is time, though that is very much a maybe as most ‘are closed circuit’.

    Hilt will be able to help with cleanup if necessay afterwards. The physical part of cleanup, rather than the Influence use. But this, of course, is predicated on there being time to do so before mortals arrive. What contingencies do we have in place to keep this location free from mortals while we are there considering we will likely be fighting?

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