• There’s a lot going on. Much of it is a bunch of drama and hot air from Hector and his obsession with his once ghoul. But, regardless, here are some current updates we all should be aware of:

    • The Camarilla has basically declared war on us. Whatever brief non agression pact is out the window.
    • They have targeted the Masquerade, torched our buildings, and embraced Hectors obsession.

    • Mr Johnson appears to have been working for them all along

    • We will be making moves to push them out and defend our city.

    • The current plan involves a fake double cross by Emmeric and I. We will pretend to want to betray the anarchs and deliver the torpored Camille. This will allow us to get near them and track or otherwise engage them.

    • We all should be prepared to defend the Masquerade when this occurs.

    • Additionally, if we are successful in pushing them out, we should all work urgently to try to fill any Influence vacuums they leave behind. This may be a prime time to actually become strong in areas.

    Let me know if you have questions, otherwise will keep you informed.


  • Johnson is out. And I reckon nobody is using his book to communicate any more. Correct me if I am wrong.

    We have a few spots that can be used as replacements for the night market, but who will keep or manage a book and record favors? I do realize there is a war on our hands, but communication networks are vital, as is the ability to know a favor will be recorded and repaid later. Otherwise things may dry up a bit if people start looking after their own.


  • In case you weren’t there, I alluded to some drama coming from Hector earlier.

    He decided to throw a knife at me tonight because he wanted to speak. I put him in his place and no other violence happened, but this is the level of maturity, leadership, and bloodlust we are dealing with from him.

    I do appreciate Emmeric, Delia, and Yves backing me up while there.

    This is the time to let him hang himself. Even his own guild members were aghast at his behavior.

    We must be the steady hand, the leaders, and the civilized ones.


  • Also, the meet with the Camarilla is happening tomorrow evening.

    Please be ready with influence support and if you can provide tactical support on the ground, it is welcome.


  • Jenna, we’ll need your gun, and the shooter attached.

    • Emmeric

  • I will be there as well. It will not be said this guild does not carry it’s weight. In any manner.


  • ((Wes will not be there. I was expecting the usual 8 or 9 eastern scene time, but I cannot make the 6 eastern. Sorry))

  • Toreador Spine

    ((I really wish I could, but tomorrow I’ve got a morning shift 😞 6PM is midnight here now, after EU lightsaving time))

  • Toreador Spine

    ::Hastily written, with the cursive in a violet ink of Delia’s fountain pen::

    Dears - please, please, please, promise me you’ll return unscathed.
    I’m watching the news and I’ll try whatever I can to silence any breach.
    ((Please consider 2 dots of Delia’s Old Media influence available for any breach))

    I love you all - you know, don’t you?
    Waiting for you

  • We will do our best to return.

    However, I would be a poor leader if I did not plan for succession:

    • If I perish, Emmeric will temporarily assume leadership of Spine until proper discussions can be had

    • In the horrific event that we both perish…Yves will assume stewardship until discussion

    • If I die, Azure Smith who oversees the collective will first week out Emmeric, then Delia. She owns it and please keep it growing.


  • My last will,

    If I die, Tucker is to look after Everleigh, managing director of The Shore, and Cole, owner of the upcoming Wormwood. If we both die, Felicia will be looking after them.

    That said, I’m not fucking dying.