Membership updates


    Cassie has left Blade and joined Hilt.

    She had been advised to do this some time ago by Lane, as she wasn’t able to handle the violence and it was shredding the last of her humanity. While she has recovered some, the recent conflict only highlighted her ensuing danger.

    She had already been pulled off primary combat duties, so it doesn’t really impact that part of our operations, but our numbers are starting to get thin. She’s joined Hilt. She can expected to be an ally.


    Diana has joined Blade, as there was wide support voiced, and no objections. However, she was deeply fucked up in the Tower battle. Bad. She’s out of commission for the foreseeable future and has a long road ahead.

    Our numbers have dwindled. Thankfully, our primary foe is much reduced. We weren’t able to must much in support in the battle. Hopefully, our numbers will replenish. We’ve greatly improved our HQ. Let’s continue our self-improvement.

    Our active roster: Me, TJ, Francisco, Michael, Vincent, Daryl.


  • Storytellers

    Ya get back to Hayley and Patrick? They came through big taking out the snipers the Tower set up.


  • I’ve talked to Hayley on other matters. I asked if she was Salem or Branton, and she didn’t answer directly - just said “Anarch”.

    If they wish to join, I’ll raise it up. I’d say they certainly have passed any observation or challenges we’d want.

    • Hector

  • Storytellers

    They both want in.


  • Hayley and Patrick are now Blade.

    Robbie - new Nos - is under observation. He wants to join. He seems promising. Gotta come up with a project, or also watch him in action or how he carries himself. Please share with me or TJ if you got anything to add on his score.

    • Hector

  • Robbie is now a member of Blade.

    • Hector