Meet Stan.

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    Stan is the man. Stan is about 6 and a lot of inches tall and muscular like damn whoa. Stan is a former Marine. Not an EX-marine and he will be quick to tell you, should you refer to him as an “ex” that there are only two EX Marines, Lee Harvey Oswald and Timothy McVey. So, you’re better off remembering that distinct difference.

    Stan WILL stab you. Or punch you really hard.

    Stan likes to knit. Those needles are very sharp.

    Don’t be surprised if you find a scarf or sweater or hat with your name on it laying on the table where The Book is. If you thank him, he will grunt.

    Stan drinks tea. “In a proper tea cup, you fucking heathen.”

    Stan also drinks coffee, usually around 5 am as he gives all y’all Vampires the stink eye that clearly means, “It’s closing time, you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here anymore.”

    Stan will not stand for shit-talking about Felicia and if you question him about her, that stink eye turns into “really pissed off Marine eye” and you best step back a few or twenty steps.

    Stan also embroiders and will frequently remind you that his embroidery is a sign he has the patience to stab things hundreds of times.

    Yes, Stan is the man.

    Most times he is wearing a shirt. Except when it’s really hot out. Or he is a “mood.” There is no telling exactly what sort of mood puts him in a shirtless mood, but it is indeed…a mood.


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    Oh and Stan tends the book. And is a grammar Nazi. And appreciates good penmanship.