Charity Event

  • A charity event sounds like it will fit the bill then. As far as cross-influences go and where to donate the money, we could look at the areas of street, police, and health. The easiest one to sell will always be helping the destitute, but if we put the right spin on this, there could be an excellent case made for police, and an opportunity for either Tucker, Yves, or both of you, to improve your grip in that area. Donations to a struggling hospital like St. Jude’s also might sell well.

    I like Yves’ suggestion about selling art, and I would like to add to it, potentially, food, be it dinner or hors d’oeuvres, and at least a performance. The art could be sold either as a silent auction throughout the night, or as a more standard affair after dinner. When kine are full and happy, their pocketbooks tend to be looser in my experience. If kept at the right size, this would be entirely feasible at the Collective.


  • Let’s move forward with this then. Here are the steps I see, someone please let me know if I’m incorrect.

    • Setup a charity organization to support these objectives - the arts, poverty, and city transformation. Yves, Jenna, Wes - given your skill sets, can you take point on this?

    • Once setup, we will host an art auction and event at the Collective. Delia and I will handle art collections and getting society/artistic folks involved. We will also handle media for the event, with the secondary support of Emmeric

    • Each of us will encourage our various influence spheres to support - critical ones being Media, Police, Health, Politics, Legal, Bureaucracy, Society but all others can easily fit in this event.
    • Wes, as a proper patron, will help coordinate the decor at the collective.

    Please let me know if this makes sense and everyone is on board. If so, let’s get going.


  • We will need to discuss mission and vision statements, how we want to handle filing the 501©(3) paperwork, and filling the critical positions in the non-profit (advisory board, lead accountant, experienced lawyer in non-profit law, etc.). Jenna, Yves, anything to add? And more importantly, are you on board?


  • Toreador Spine

    Crystal clear as always, Tucker, darling. I’m ready! - if this can be of any help, if adding basic adult instruction to the objectives of the charity could be doable, maybe we could pull in my university influence for supporting.

    What do you think?

  • Toreador Spine

    ::post-scriptum, with her usual cursive and violed-scented ink::
    Oh, by the way - my monologue, the one I prepared for the -you know, the party-
    I’m keeping it ready and can be performed, if needed.


  • All over it.

    • Emmeric

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    I been putting some paperwork together. Wes, Emm, let’s meet up and finalise shit when we’s all around.

    • Yves

  • Toreador

    I’m for sure on board! Wes, Yves, lets meet up sometime and discuss matters. Perhaps a group chat would be more convenient. Here’s my number just in case! ###-###-####.

    Jenna ❤

  • I am writing to follow up on the current status of this.


  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    (( I had been hoping to be around to do it ic, but im really off and on, so we might have to just do it through chambers))

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    ((Ok whoever wants to do the charity thing come into chambers and sort it, we can take it from there))

  • ((I’ve been gone for about two weeks but I will be online hit or miss for the next week or two. But I will try to get into chambers this evening or Saturday, sorry.))

  • Is the charity going to be a long-term thing, or do we only care about it for this one event? It’s gong to affect the amount of paperwork, resources, and influences we will need to dump into it.