Top Five Groups Of Social Importance To Vampires

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    In countdown order. This excludes things like bloodbonds, clans (that shit is waaay to nuanced for this post but they do fall somewhere between all these depending on what clan and also how that specific person feels about their clan), and other extranneous cirumstances.

    Number Five: Guild
    Your guild is the least important of what defines you. It’s a loose collection of other vampires that share similar skills. They band together to perform a function to protect the city. They consist of allies, adversaries, and some coteriemates. Basically think of that like work, there are people you hate working with, people that you like working with, and the close group of people that help each other achieve career goals. This does not dictate your night to night unlives, only when called upon to fulfill the function of the guild. You don’t need to like each other, you just need to work with each other.

    Number Four: Allies
    And not in the way that some kine can be allies, I am talking about other vampires. They are the ones you are chummy with and some times you do somethig for each other because it will benefit yourself as well as them. Pretty self explanitory.

    Number Three: Coteriemates
    A small band of vampires that share a goal. Some of these people may even be adversaries for one reason or another but regardless you have that same goal to attain. These are the people that are going to help build your rep, build a structure of power, and get a stranglehold on that sweet sweet blood you need. You can (and maybe should be depending on your goals) be in multiple coteries consisting of vampires from all walks of unlife that share your goals.

    Number Two: Adversaries
    Whether they are someone that has wronged you, have opposing goals, took something from you, etc these are the vampires that you constantly watch you back on. What’s even worse, you may not even know who they are. They could be someone in your coterie, an ally, or in your guild but they preceived you wronged them in some way so they are looking to backstab you. And those that have wronged you, well killing them is letting them off easy! The Beast inside you rather see them suffer. Have their power taken away, have their coterie distrust them, have their alliances erode, all because of you. This pleases The Beast.

    Number One: You
    Miles and miles above everything else, the most important person to you is yourself. Vampires are extremely selfish and petty creatures. Those that come across as the opposite should be looked at as to why they are behaving that way, what do they need to have gained? Because everything eventually turns around to “how can this benefit me”. Even if you have attained all your goals, have the most power, have the most precious blood with your coterie… eventually The Beast demands you to take it for yourself. And eventually, The Beast always wins.

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    This is a bit fluid and things can shift around depending on how the character and relationships develop. This is just a “general rule of thumb” thing.