Coteries vs Guilds and YOU!

  • Hilt

    @zeke ST discretion. Boom, solved.

  • @onyx well shit everything is always at the mercy of the ST gods

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    @onyx I’m not jumping in to stifle any debate, this is all good stuff to air. But I did want to point out that the guilds elect their own leadership with no input from Felicia, so these seats are decided by the members of their respective guilds. Want a seat from any of them? Then take over the leadership of that guild and the responsibilities that entails, because even if there is no work to do at certain points they still need to be ready for whenever there IS something important.

  • Hilt

    @nik 100% agree. Was only thinking that removing Guild seats and giving Coterie seats would both encourage strife and help people move their focus away from the Guilds.

    Big disadvantage to that idea that I see: Makes it harder for ST’s to curate / manahe who is on the council for the good of the story and community. I mean that in the cool way, where I’m grateful that y’all do that for us.

  • Storytellers

    @onyx logistically since the guilds are essentially a function of the city government, it makes sense that they would have a seat on the parliament. Coteries on the other hand, being formed outside of any officially recognized purpose, would not have a guaranteed spot at the table. Any representation on the parliament by a coterie would be obtained from an at large seat (or by a coterie recruiting a guild leader for the purpose of having a say in parliament discussions)

  • Plus there are issues of being public or private that a coterie has and a guild doesn’t. I would suspect a good chunk of coteries WANT some secrecy. You put yourself out in the public spotlight, and rivals know precisely who and what you are - and where.

  • Hilt

    To me, that’s just the tradeoffs of being public or secret, but I get that I’m weird on this. Was just an idea(s). I’m cool with dropping it and moving to other ideas.

  • Nosferatu

    I also think that some dedicated xp that can only be spent on coterie/guild/clan stuff could be interesting. I say that as a Nosferatu player that has both guild and clan spends, but I haven’t been playing again for long, so I don’t have quite the full picture.

  • I actually really like the idea of investment in guild/coterie/havens. They help the players personalize the city at night. It can lead to emerging cityscape personalities. The new Night Markets are very cool and rife with identity and potential.

    Part of the game seems to facilitate tapping into the vibrancy of Branton, and I think that’d be a really rich development. In practical matters, that still likely means xp expenditure.

    After all, a character with Resources 3 can outspend a host of other characters just by themselves. I think financial Influence, resources, etc. should still be a workable item, but the xps allow everyone to participate. However, maybe it could reflect plans detailed by the PCs (or coteries), influences, contacts/allies, etc.

    Ex. “You want to upgrade your coterie’s security, but don’t have the cash to buy “Thief-Begone! Gold-star Security service”…however, you do have a fence for a contact, and influence in ::fill in the blank:: That will enable the xp spend to cover what’s needed.”

    And yes, this does start pushing the game towards a ‘builder’ concept - but nothing’s wrong with that, if it fits the story and chronicle.

    And further, it still would necessitate an adjustment to the XP system. Either allowing more to account for the greatly increased costs…or awarding “coterie/haven/guild-specific XPs” as a result of certain actions or engagement.

    (I’ll hush up now!)

  • I love coterie/guild specific XPS.

  • Hilt

    Reading back through the thread, I see that I totally misunderstood the topic.

    I thought it was like “How do we structurally ensure that people mostly ignore Guilds and start making Coteries that are at each others’ throats?”

    So my bad. That’s why my responses were like “Here’s how to break this perfectly reasonable and functional Guild system we have now so that folks will stop focusing on it.” OOC, I think it’s really a pretty brilliant system, and the fact that it works is why people focus on it.

    I should have said that part of it directly.