Your Bane & Compulsion

  • Hilt

    Boom. All in one night you got embraced by a 2nd Gen, so now you’re a 3rd Gen and you made some babies and now it’s a clan.

    What would your clan’s Bane & Compulsion be?

  • Storytellers

    Bane: Image and voice is distorted in recordings, reflections, phone calls ect. Not in a cool disguised way but in a “there’s definitely something wrong and creepy about that guy” way.

    Compulsion: Failure is not an option. After failing a roll suffer a two dice penalty until the same roll that was failed is successful.

  • Bane: you are almost positive some people are talking to you when you’re not, every night you must assume people are talking about you equal to your ban severity and try to bring yourself into the conversation as if its so.

    Compulsion: SPEND IT ALL! You got the dough, why not spend it on what you want? When you beastial fail a roll, you must roll your resolve at difficulty equal to your bane severity plus one anytime you see an item you want, until you succeed this roll you will be compelled to buy anything you want on an impulse until either you pass your resolve, or burn all resources dots, dots lost this way recover at a rate of one per two in game months.

  • Bane: You cannot STAND out of tune singing, ESPECIALLY AUTO TUNED.

    Compulsion: You are outrageously attracted to pale skinned people.

  • Hilt

    Bane: Suffer a die pool penalty equal to Bane Severity to all rolls in conversation with posh people who make you nervous until you make an equal number of super inappropriate double entendres. Afterwarfs, suffer an equal number of superficial willpower damage as you domubt yourself to death over it.

    Compulsion: Your next communication causes half Bane Severity (rounded up) superficial willpower damage, either because you got spitey and knew it, got spitey and didn’t know it, didn’t get spitey but they thought you did, or because your willingness to plumb the depths of psyche and spirit revealed a truth (or untruth) the other person wasn’t ready for. When you realize what happened, take 1 aggravated WP damage as you feel guilty and cursed.

  • Storytellers

    @onyx said in Your Bane & Compulsion:

    …Afterwarfs, suffer an equal number of superficial willpower damage as you domubt yourself to death over it…

    I see what you did there. 😁

  • Nosferatu

    Bane: Insomnia. You cannot sleep, even though you really, really, really want to, even though your body is aching for some rest, it just won’t work. You have to meditate to get some semblance of rest, or you take the normal not sleeping penalties. You still have an increased difficulty on awareness tests based on your bane severity though.

    Compulsion: You just want to drink from energized people. Be it from caffeine, drugs or adrenaline, you only want to drink from those most alert. It doesn’t help too much with the drowsiness, but it fells good.

  • Bane: Anxiety. Nothing bad is happening, but something bad -might- happen. Better worry incessantly about it! And if something bad is happening, oh man, you better believe you’re going to worry about it!

    Compulsion: All cats must be greeted and attempts made to pet/befriend them. When you encouter a cat you’ve successfully petted before, you must stop and offer additional pets.

  • Storytellers

    Bane: They all suffer from seizures with a wide range of possible effects. Sudden uncontrollable laughing or screaming (which you may or may not remember but everyone around you sure will), sensitivity to flashing (even barely detectable such as from fluorescent bulbs starting to go bad) and certain repetitive sounds, muscle jerking which may or may not include your whole body, some memory loss, acting “strangely”, performing repetitive motions, and staring off into space for a time. Your emotional regulation may also be fucked in the time surrounding bane activation. Also, people are going to mistake you for a malk constantly but you get none of the cool things about being a malk. Every time you roll a pool involving stamina or spend willpower, roll a d10. You must get a higher number than your bane severity or else suffer the effects above.

    Compulsion: “Minutia” - you must spend the scene picking at (sometimes to the point of damaging) imperfections in your skin, hair, threads dangling off your clothes, and similar things. Roll Frenzy diff 2 if someone tries to stop you.