Improv & "Generosity"

  • Hilt

    So I recently (in the last 2 years?) heard an author on NPR talking about like the history of Improv Theater in the states.

    There was this tiny side comment that a difference between Improv and Movie acting is that Improv requires immense generosity and selflessness, while movie acting requires selfishness. Little or no explanation.

    That stuck with me.

    Just now, I realized that we have experts on Improv and on IRC RP, and that I could ask about it here! So please, people who know Improv and who are better at RP than I am… I would be grateful if you’d discuss this concept grnerally, and as it pertains to Sang specifically. Like both what it means and like… the application side.

    It just seemed such a fascinating and potentially fruitful part of acting theory that I’m both interested in the concept angle and in the “I wish I were better at RP” angle.