Guild XP Spends

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    We took what you all had to say about the Guilds versus Coteries and have decided we are going to allow the following dots in each Guild in order to even them out. The caveat is that these dots are pretty much static. Each Guild will have a set place for their “base of operations” and set amenities. The area you will control will be approximately a 1 block radius.

    Each Guild will now have:

    Chasse - 2
    Lien - 2
    Portiillion - 2
    Haven Security - 2
    Postern - 1

    There are a couple other dots, which I will list out in each Guild forum.

    We hope this will encourage you all to create coteries and spend your xps building them up. If you spent xps in your Guild already, I have returned them. If you did and you don’t see a change in your xps, let me know.


  • Lead Storytellers Administrators


    We have decided that since we want Guilds treated as a “job” rather than how you would view a coterie you form or join on your own- Chronicle tenets need to be eliminated. You will no longer be beholden to them nor will you be covered by them.

    However, I HAVE noticed a distinct lack of participation in some things asked on the Guild forums. While it is not a Coterie, it IS your “job” and you should pay attention to the forum and answer anything your Guild leader asks of you. Please get into the habit of checking it and participating as needed. You never know when something will happen that will require your attention.

    Thank you.