Ghoul Safari

  • Hey gang,

    Are we going to contribute somehow to the ghoul tracking as a team, or we doing it on an individual basis?

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  • Storytellers

    Cassie and Anja were amongst those tasked with the project. Cassie and Anja, please both write reports here both of a brief of the project and of your progress. Any who wish to help may coordinate with them.

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  • Hilt

    Anja’s Task: TJ asked me to see what I can dig up regarding ownership histories and masks of the properties of the club and the latest Elysium, to see if that scares up some threads to follow. The intent is to unearth their mortal networks, which will be useful both for finding their ghouls and for identifying useful mortals for securing the tower’s ceded territory.

    Like all excavations of bureaucratic material, this may take weeks or hours, so there’s a chance that the payoff will arrive late. Fingers crossed.

    I’ll keep you informed.


  • Gonna be touching base with TJ and Robbie 'bout the ghoul they took care of, see if there’s any leads there to other folks that might have worked for the French bitch. Robbie told me they got his phone; gonna see if they still got it.

    Sounded like the guy didn’t know he was ghouled or why he was feeling like shit. Can have my people in the hospitals keep an ear out for anybody coming in with symptoms like a ghoul not gettin’ their fix in case any other clueless ones come in thinking they’re sick.

    Brock tried pointing his mirror at the problem. Mostly he just got a feeling of being abandoned and the ghoul/ghouls craving a fix. But he also said the air where he was felt humid. Might be some of 'em are hiding out some place hot and humid like a boiler room or something. Or some of 'em might have skipped town and gone some place warmer. Gonna try pointing my mirror at it tonight and see if I can get anything clearer.


  • Storytellers

    Do we have a name for this ghoul or for any others? Any other identifying information would be useful too.

    The hospital idea is a good one. Have a look into recent withdrawal cases for any unusual cases that would fit what we’re looking for.

  • Ghoul TJ and Robbie found is dead. They offed him and stashed his body some place it’s not gonna be found. They checked his place, found the letter from the French bitch that TJ mentioned in the Book, plus a used condom with vitae in it. Robbie says he burned it. Doesn’t seem like the guy knew anything or had links to other ghouls.

    Pointed my mirror at the ghouls. Seems like there used to be lots of 'em, but then the bubbles cracked open, all the blood came out and their hearts got torn apart. Then they ran away someplace safe. There’s just a few who didn’t run. Think they’re too fucked up to think of it. Got heads full of loss and need and blood.

    Emmeric’s leaving a number at the old Elysium for any ghouls that come crawling back hoping for blood.


  • Storytellers

    A name would be helpful for records if nothing else. Why the fuck did Robbie destroy the shit they found?! I swear I’m gonna throttle that short sighted motherfucker.

    And if that address is the one Aidan got then it’s months old. I doubt very much they’d invite an Anarch they’re gonna war with to anything other than a temporary location.

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  • We got another one. Found him out behind a club on the Strip, pretty strung out and needing a fix. Felicia said to kill him, so Emmeric and me took him some place outta the way and Emmeric put a bullet in his head, then dumped the body down a manhole. Guessing the Nos are gonna take care of it.

    Got some info before Emmeric offed the ghoul. Guy was called Justin Chase. Seems like he belonged to the French bitch. Worked as a bouncer at a club on nights the French bitch wanted part of the place to herself. He got stuck outside on main club door duty those nights, so probably didn’t overhear anything good. Seemed pretty new, said the only other ghoul he knew was made a week after him and went missing a couple days back. Probably the one TJ and Robbie took care of.

    He’d been told to go to Atlanta and find the old Tower Prince same as the other one.