What you do at home

  • Hector, your reading comprehension is troubling.

    • Emmeric

  • @jaxon said in What you do at home:

    Had you bothered to read what I wrote, you’d see I wasn’t so much addressing the prank, but the debate around which it was framed.

    Pssst! Anyone want to explain to him what “tl;dr” means?

    But anyway, I just figured y’all would’ve learned last time that these public displays and planned over-reactions don’t seem to work out so well. But you do you, Sunshine!

    • Hector

  • A recap about why I reacted, in brief… as your attention span seems to suffer:

    1. The Nightmarket as provided by the Toreador was vandalized.
    2. It is a rented from kine. Therefore, any damages would need to be paid for.
    3. Damages could lead to a loss of venue.
    4. Treat property with respect.


    • Emmeric

  • Party Pooper, are you really still on about all of this? Are all of you still really on about all of this?

    Guess it was a great prank, Broken Mirrors! High Five!

    No damage, harmless prank, Toreador freaking the fuck out over nothing. Please carry on.

    Cali aka Prank Masta!

  • Wasn’t my fault…this time

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    As I told your accomplice, Cali - “it was a prank” is a bullshit excuse and unacceptable. Respect the spaces.

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

  • Hilt

    Inquiring minds want to know:
    Has the question of favors been settled?


  • Yes.


  • Cali and me don’t owe Emmeric shit and Spine still owes me a minor.


  • ::in really bad hand writing and spelling:: why not put out rules for each of the night markets by the host. It was mention to stop baiting others so fucking stop. Emmeric might over reacted by every one elses standard but the man has a right to fucking speack the way he wants. If how we each react offends you then start fucking walking out of the city because this shit is not going to stop. Now get the fuck over it and stop fucking with each others we still have more fucking problems to worry about. Like i dont k ow a possible counter attack from the camy fucks or the fucking 2 eye showing up.