What you do at home

  • ::Emmeric’s penmenship is notably improved my Stan’s glare::

    I honestly couldn’t care less for what you do at home. Leave your shoes on when you come in. Put those muddy shoes up on the coffee table. Microwave fucking fish for all I care.

    But the Night Market isn’t your home. It isn’t for you to do with as you please. Tonight’s edition, provided by the Spine, is an example. It is a rented space. We have an agreement with these people to use it. So I show up tonight and there is pottery glued to every conceivable surface.

    I will do my best to smooth this over, but kindly… don’t wreck or rather improve a Night Market without permission from the hosts. Or at all. Just. I cannot even.

    • Emmeric Durand

  • Let’s just talk about etiquette for a second, shall we? Since you seem to want to bring it up.

    Tonight’s action was a prank by the Malkavians of the city. Yet, you demanded favors from the two broken mirrors in the room. It was a fucking funny joke, but that is besides the point.

    Like usual, you decided to run to this precious book to get dramatic and bitch. Instead of asking if you can be helpful in any way, you immediately demand favors and declare another favor paid. Once again, it’s not your place. Last I checked you don’t lead Spine. Pretty sure Tucker does.

    I hate to break it to you Em, but this isn’t the fucking cammie and you ain’t a harpy. We are the unbound and yes, we live and work in cooperation with each other. We are the anarch movement. We left that cammie bullshit or never joined it for a reason. Because we wanted to be our own people and live our own lives free of the oppressive structure of the Tower.

    But you need to learn something really fucking quick, you are no better than anyone… Especially Stan. Who you fucking disrespected.


  • Just a general note for anyone who wants to fling the term cammie in my face. Or tower. I left the tower, almost a decade ago now. I’m a refugee. And just about four weeks ago, I not only left the tower, I slammed the door on it. I slammed the door on my cousins that still are prisoners, or wardens, in the Tower. It’s not widely known, but there is a fair amount of mobility within the Toreador, regardless of sect. I’ve heard rumours of Toreador allowed safe passage in Sabbat territory, back when they were still out and about.

    When my actions led to the death of a well respected Toreador, I not only set myself to war with the Camarilla, but removed the possibility of travel to areas not held by Anarchs, or the Crucible. I made myself anathema from a large portion of my own blood. Why am I telling you this? To let you know that when I commited to the Crucible, not the unbound, I did it fully. So if you think for a minute you can throw that in my face? Go fuck yourself.

    Insofar as my suggestion, strongly worded, for consequences for your actions tonight, I stand by them. They weren’t warranted, but… when you cause damage, generally speaking, an appraisal is given for the cost of repair. In our society, that’s boons. If you’re willing to do something, you’re willing to pay for it. If that makes me a “harpy”, then so fucking be it. But you fuck it, and there’s a cost.

    But don’t you fucking fling the CAMARILLA in my face again.

    • Emmeric

  • So now you’re 100% out of the Tower, unwelcome in their turf, and fighting the folks in your family that didn’t leave?

    Welcome to the boat the rest of us have been in since day one. Want a fucking medal?


  • Also, it should be noted. Stan asked Cassie and I to clean up. So we did. Yet, Party Pooper over here still decided to throw the worlds biggest fit. (Fitting for a former drag queen.) Yet, he still wants favors.

    His writings, once again, are overly dramatic and literally blow everything out of the water.

    Sit down little boy.


  • Storytellers

    I spent several nights scouting places to find the whore house we usin. Don’t do anything to destroy it or bring attention of cops, 2eye, or anyone else we don’t want knowing bout it. Other than that I don’t give a fuck what you do there.


  • Oh dear, there’s a lot to unpack here. I’ll start with the most annoying and pressing thing.

    On “Tower” and “Harpy”

    Can we all stop throwing around “Cammie” and “Tower” and “Harpy” anytime someone says something they don’t like? It will cheapen the fact of if and when we actually have a Camarilla spy or sympathizer in our midst.

    Yes, we are anarchs. That affords us great freedom from the shackles of our elders, who have done nothing over the centuries other than bringing this shit storm of the Second Inquisition to our doorstep, and standing on each of us while they do it. That is why we are all here. We believe in the meritocracy as set forth by the Crucible and our leaders. Each of us, and I had assumed we stopped the stupid ass whispers of things contrary to that, all stood together a few weeks ago to eject the Camarilla from the city.

    What anarchism does not allow is freedom from accountability. It’s a cheap and tired trick to say “Tower!” “Harpy!” anytime someone tells you that you’ve done something dumb or says less than kumbya words your direction. We each have freedom, and that freedom includes calling out a dumb thing as a dumb thing. If everyone is such a delicate flower (irony intended) that they need their words and actions constantly affirmed, I can assure you you’re in for a rough road if you consistently expect everyone to agree with you and treat you like a snowflake. That’s not the world we live in.

    We stand for freedom. Freedom of speech, in all of its forms, does not preclude freedom from reactions to that speech or actions. Hell, I’ve had a knife thrown at me in the middle of the night market for saying something someone didn’t like. We each have our own ways of dealing with and pushing back on actions and dialogue we don’t agree with or like. To cheapen the role of language in it by reducing it to “Tower!” is lame and wrong, and quite frankly runs contrary to my anarch values.

    On the Night Markets & Pranks

    The three Night Market locations were provided by Clan Toreador - not the Spine. While all of Clan Toreador is currently within Spine, it does not represent the totality of it. Each group that contributed to the acquisition of Night Market locations – including our peers in Hilt and Blade – spent time and resources to do so.

    There has been a lot of talk lately of respecting when “clans will be clans” - such as an angered Brujah, an indelicate Nosferatu, or a pranking malkavian, or the like. However, it’s interesting and noted, that such considerations are not often afforded to the Clan of Artists, Artist-Admirers, and masters of language. We recently tried to steam-roll Emmeric twice now for reacting to things that offend Toreador sensibilities.

    If your idea of “Clan Equity” is that it only works when it’s convenient for you, or when it’s not coming from a Toreador, than I would say it’s time for you to examine your anarch ideals and ask yourself if you’re really as equitable as you posture.

    On the Last Bit

    Emmeric and I are not asking for a cookie, or whatever language folks are using, for standing with the city during the Camarilla fight. What we are asking for is the stupid game of calling us “Tower” anytime you don’t like what we have to say to be put to bed - there was a long, drawn out attempt to paint us sympathizers and traitors. Hell, even up to the very moment just before the takedown occurred, people were openly doubting our motives and intentions.

    We put that to bed by standing on the front lines, with each of you right there behind us, to rid the city and make it stronger, better, and have the true ability to prosper into something free and great.

    So, enough is enough.


  • TL;DR

    • Hector

  • Hilt

    E: C&C, You made a mess and owe us favors.
    C & 😄 We cleaned it up, so we don’t owe you favors, Cammie.
    E & T: Never call anyone who was at the battle a Cammie ever again. That goes for 100% of all the people who were there. Also Anja is bae.
    H: Cliff’s Notes?
    A: Cliff’s Notes!


  • Hilt

    :: Anja wrote "C & C : ", NOT “C & Smileyface.” The both transformed the C followed by a colon. ::

  • Oh, cool! Thanks for the cheat sheet!

    I gotta admit, I’ve was perplexed. Way I saw it, two Malks made a mess with pottery, and then were told to clean it up…and did. And that’s a Malk prank.

    (to be honest, I only recently learned about the concept, so not sure what they’re supposed to do. Nor who actually was pranked, and how. Were they pranking each other? )

    But then the genius started to unfold. The action wasn’t the prank - it was prompting the reaction. And there ain’t no such reaction as an over-reaction, amirite??

    Was there more deliberate puking? Guns pulled? Running around, waving hands? Is the sky falling? (again?)

    Only thing I’m sure of is Anja is, indeed, bae.

    TJ, pass the popcorn. Looks like this one’s still got some steam left.

    • Hector

  • Hector, dear,

    You really should try reading! It’s great for keeping the mind sharp.

    Had you bothered to read what I wrote, you’d see I wasn’t so much addressing the prank, but the debate around which it was framed.

    Do try to read it sometime, I figured you’d atleast like my poetic prose.


  • Hector, your reading comprehension is troubling.

    • Emmeric

  • @jaxon said in What you do at home:

    Had you bothered to read what I wrote, you’d see I wasn’t so much addressing the prank, but the debate around which it was framed.

    Pssst! Anyone want to explain to him what “tl;dr” means?

    But anyway, I just figured y’all would’ve learned last time that these public displays and planned over-reactions don’t seem to work out so well. But you do you, Sunshine!

    • Hector

  • A recap about why I reacted, in brief… as your attention span seems to suffer:

    1. The Nightmarket as provided by the Toreador was vandalized.
    2. It is a rented from kine. Therefore, any damages would need to be paid for.
    3. Damages could lead to a loss of venue.
    4. Treat property with respect.


    • Emmeric

  • Party Pooper, are you really still on about all of this? Are all of you still really on about all of this?

    Guess it was a great prank, Broken Mirrors! High Five!

    No damage, harmless prank, Toreador freaking the fuck out over nothing. Please carry on.

    Cali aka Prank Masta!

  • Wasn’t my fault…this time

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    As I told your accomplice, Cali - “it was a prank” is a bullshit excuse and unacceptable. Respect the spaces.

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

  • Hilt

    Inquiring minds want to know:
    Has the question of favors been settled?


  • Yes.