"Dark" Movie Inspirations

  • Hilt

    What are some movie inspirations you’d recommend for how to play and do “dark” in a/this Vampire RPG? AND WHY.

    Not like specifically Vampire movies (though it can be). But like… (making this up on the spot)…

    One might say “Whiplash.” And say, that is what a Toreador Muse would be like. If a Toreador found a promising mortal and wanted to bring out the artistic greatness of the mortal as a precursor to the Embrace (or no embrace), it would be like that. Brutal, soul-scarring, manipulative, and it would ruin the mortal’s life as a sacrifice to the art. It wouldn’t be pretty snd inspirational, but would be a matter of applying suffering and self-doubt.

    Or something.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GO!!

  • Storytellers

    KiDulthood and the series Skins (UK, I hear the USA remake is crap) are, I think, good mood pieces for growing up in the world of darkness. What it’s like to be an adolescent there.

    Ichi the Killer. Over the top violence, dark and ‘edgy’ as hell. A fun watch if you got the stomach for it. Definite Sabbat and Hunter elements.

    In My Skin - French, but there’s subtitles - is a grotesque but fascinating exploration of a woman’s descent into obsessive self mutilation. Very Malkavian.

    The Big Sleep. Classic hardboiled noir. The book is better because nobody does wordplay like Raymond Chandler, but it’s still fantastic. Big inspiration for when I played a Camarilla Brujah deputy who worked up to sheriff. The mood was perfect and is for WoD generally. Dark, oppressive, stylised. Always raining and the liquor flows freely, the men are grizzled, the women are fickle, everybody is corrupt as hell, and you’re just… tired, but doing what you gotta do because who the fuck else will.

  • Hilt

    @syn said in "Dark" Movie Inspirations:

    In My Skin - French - .

    So you admit you love France… I KNEW IT!!
    Syn and Frenchies, sittin’ in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes loooove, …

  • Storytellers

    😠 😠

  • Storytellers

    While the plot may not be related, The Crow films have been my go to for setting the scene for the World of Darkness pretty much since I began playing.

    Also the short lived Fox series Kindred the Embraced 🙂

  • Cruel Intentions for scheming and smiling at the same time inspiration

  • Toreador Spine

    My main model for a Toreador: The Hunger, my favourite vampire film.
    Love, desire, obsession.

  • Devil’s Advocate. Because deep down, I’m an infernalist.

  • Hilt

    Brazil :
    This is how good corpocratic capitalism is at putting a pretty face on injustice and dehumanization. This is what happens if you see through it, if you dare to hope for life outside of it, if you try to resist. This is how good bureaucracies are at getting people to follow utterly inhumane expectations with a clear conscience.