Coteries and You and XP

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    As for coterie mates and getting bonus XP from them, yes you can. The same bonus can be applied to allies and adversaries. Since the coterie is what’s helping you achieve your goals, it’s probably not the best to dick them over too much as compared to the others. But if say, my character had a goal that conflicted with yours or even a goal that was the same but if I accomplish it I will have the thing and you do not, then that’s when the covert coterie mate backstabbing should be coming into play.

    These are people that you rely on for survival for one reason or another. They should be the last people you want to dick over for that extra XP. Just that the option is there for when the time is appropriate for it.

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    I really want to point out that this should be rare.

    Consider the points

    • Can you go against your coterie to backstab and do it successfully?
    • Can you survive it?
    • Is it really worth it?

    If discovered you risk at worst death, slightly better is forced removal, slightly better is that it fractures that coterie into more factions.

    This is not supposed to be a willy silly choice. This MUST be a well reasoned choice by the player as it is not likely to end well or in ways they can expect. It should be made with deep and careful thought and planning.

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    For XP earning:

    • 1 experience : 1-2 night of play, minimum interaction
    • 2 experience : 3+ nights of play, some interaction
    • +1 experience : Actively working towards personal or coterie goals/ambitions/desires or significant interaction with plot.
    • +1 experience: Actively working against adversaries or backstabbing allies/coteriemates (with a very good reason) in a tangible way.

    Additionally, you will earn bonus xp when you COMPLETE personal and coterie medium and long-term goals.

    Keep in mind the nuance of what was said above should you choose to backstab someone you’re supposed to be working with. Most of your working against should be towards your adversaries, while in most cases it would benefit you more to work with your coterie.

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    Please note, short term goals do not contribute to XP awards upon completion in and of themselves. That can be done as posted above.