On Crying, Spitting, and other human bodily functions.

  • Storytellers

    The question recently came up concerning the need for a rouse check for a vampire to perform things such as crying, spitting, and other acts that the human body does instinctively. It’s natural for me to bleed when I get cut, cry when I see a sad scene in a movie, need to go to the bathroom when my bladder is full. I’m alive and that is my body’s reaction to those stimuli. It’s a sign that my internal organs are alive and doing their job.

    Vampires are dead. Their heart doesn’t pump blood through their system so when they are cut they don’t bleed, their tear ducts don’t fill with liquid when they experience heartbreak, and so on. Their body just does not function that way.

    Unless they choose to do so.

    Vampires lack the bodily fluid to cry, to spit, to throw up, and so many other things that occur naturally to mortals. They can make there blood do these thing, but it necessitates a rouse check for them to force their blood to do those things.

  • Storytellers

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