Update Lores

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    Are lores going to be completely redone with the changes in V5? Things that to mind include Who’s to blame for the 2nd Inquisition (Theo put it on the Cam, the Cam put it on Anarchs and their use of tech, etc), What happened to the Elders, Did the Sabbat pull out of the Western hemisphere or were they forced out, who knows what about the Brujah pulling out of the Cam (and the Nosferatu double cross/set up part of it), etc. I figure it would differ depending on Sect/Clan and their might be conflicting information (ex Brujah and/or Nosferatu lore would both know about the double cross but your standard Anarch/Cam lore wouldn’t cover it until really high levels or Sabbat lore might have info about them heading to the Middle East while another Sect “knows” 2I drove them out)

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    We will post up the lores after a bit of a review, but broadly they will be the same as in the previous chronicle. When doing sheets we considered each characters level based on the history. So we will get back to you on that 🙂