Big news for Upper West Side

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    The other evening saw an an unusual phenomena over the Upper West Side and no, we aren’t speaking about the lights that were seen over that part of the city on Thursday night. Which, by the way, have been been explained as gas from a weather balloon that was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus. Not aliens as some have hypothesized. Instead the big news is the upcoming refurbishment of the old Goldstein Shirt Waist Factory building by philanthropist and elusive bachelor, Johnathan Newhouse.

    Mr. Newhouse has announced that the old Factory, sight of an industrial accident in 1911, will be turned into a mixed-use facility featuring upscale boutiques and restaurants and condos, slated to begin work by the end of this year and opening by Christmas of 2020.

    Many of you will recognize the name Newhouse name as one of the founding families of the city- formerly known as Nieuwenhuis. Mr. Newhouse has been one of the bastions of the social scene in Branton but has been abroad for more than 2 years. Upon returning home, he has now set his sights on rehabilitating parts of the city.