Claiming of Turf

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    I, Felicia O’Neill, Baron of Branton do hereby claim the Phoenix Tech Hub as my turf. If you wish to do business, whether mundane or Cainite-related (feeding mainly), there you must speak to me for permission. Speak to me directly. Everyone has my number if you don’t, here it is ###-###-####.

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    I am thinking that I will also be claiming Turf in the Borough of Lower West Side as a personal one, centred around the Golden Nugget casino there. Anyone wishing to do anything in this area will need to have my agreement.

    Further Cainites should be aware that the Northside Tavern in Seven Points is owned by Tia and myself, which we will also be claiming. Make sure nobody does business, creates issues there or tries to ghoul the staff.

    • Yves

  • Storytellers

    Additionally if you wish to perform at the Tavern, see myself or Yves to negotiate an audition.

    • T

  • If it weren’t already apparent, I claim the Collective as my turf. You are all welcome to come as long as you don’t trash the place.

    • Emmeric

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    I, Lane Pratt, claim Affliction as my turf. At this point forward, if you have not secured a deal with me to feed there then you must contact me to do so. Otherwise, it is still open for general enjoyment as long as the Masquereade is followed.

    • Lane

  • Storytellers

    I claim the west side of Mason’s Square. If ya already got business there come talk to me by the weekend and we can work somethin out. Ya wanna do business there and ya ain’t come to me first there be problems.

    Anyone interested in other part’s of Mason’s Square and ya wanna team up work together in the area hit me up.


  • I claim the Skate Park in Leonard Towers. If ya already got business there come talk to me by the weekend and we can work something out. Ya wanna do business there and ya ain’t come to me first there be problems. No feeding there with out my permission. If y’all want to go hang out there an shoot the shit, go on ahead, but don’t fuck with the pep’s there. TJ I know you go skate there. All are welcome to skate your hears out.


  • Okay, so it seems the time to be doing this.

    I, Hector, claim East Side Park under my name and authority, and for Clan Gangrel.

    Kindred are quite welcome in the park, as long as they are respectful of the natural grace and beauty of the place, and my and the Gangrel’s administration. I’ll go so far as to encourage it - more nature is always good.

    Abuse of the resources, both living and natural, will not be tolerated, however. Introducing the unnatural will not be allowed (besides, y’know, ourselves). The breaking of our two first laws, or drawing undue attention for such, is also unacceptable. (Really, this is just common freaking sense!)

    It is highly recommended not to venture into the deepest interior. Please accept Gangrel guidance in avoiding such areas. If you have any questions or disputes, come to me about them.

    • Hector

  • I claim the sewers for the Nosferatu. No unauthorized missions or body dumping, and its still a trivial for body cleanups. Course you’re all welcome for social gatherings, please don’t mind the mess.