Soft RP Start

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    We will be opening the game to soft RP from tomorrow, Sunday 30th, and expect this to last for the next week. This is to give people time to get a feel for their characters before we push live. However… to do so you have to have broadly finished with the questions on the coteries. These will not be locked down until right before the end of soft RP so as to give a chance to make any final tweaks after everyone goes IC.

    However what we do not want to see is people clustering together in their coteries and ignoring the rest of the players. We also don’t want people who aren’t able to be around much disadvantaged from the conversations, so please keep those on the appropriate forums. But you can certainly get under the hood so to speak and explore how the character feels.

    With that in mind don’t go telling people outside of your coterie all about it. Who is in which one is probably fine, but don’t share anything else as it may well change. Also, you may not want to anyway.

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    During soft RP we want you to still make your evening rouse/both check and feeding rolls… but we will not be applying the scores this week. This is to give everyone a chance of getting into the habit and working out what to do.