#dyscrasia And You

  • Storytellers

    We now have a ~mysterious~ new channel called #dyscrasia. This is a general public channel! So…dun dun dunnnnnnn

    You can use it for any public location which doesn’t have a devoted channel. Locations in the ‘location’ wiki category may be freely used. For other channels, ask a friendly resident ST for the go-ahead first.

    When you are using this channel, you should (le gasp!) change the topic to denote what location the channel is serving as, so others can join. In addition, your first post in the channel should also be to inform what location you’re using for our logging purposes. When you’re finished, change the topic back to the default.

    Go forth and have fun!

  • Storytellers


    but also, please don’t change the description of other channels, which are private and therefore not something that others should be able to just stumble upon.