What we are

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    The Watchmen
    Professionally outraged. Respectfully adamant.

    Mission statement: We want fair play, strong communication, and a good time to be had by all. We are player advocates, we are guides, we write reality checks and plant boots in asses. We are Overwatch. Wait no, hold on. We are the Watchmen!

    What we are: A body of players who are willing to speak openly and honestly with Staff and Player alike about how things are in the game. The Watchmen aren’t Staff, they are a trio of veteran players who volunteered to help work with the Staff for player interests, and keep the players apprised of what the Staff wants/needs from them. Integrity, honesty, a highly developed sense of fair play, and a desire to help improve the game are this team’s hallmarks.

    What we get for it: The sense of satisfaction that comes from making the game and community stronger through fostering communication and fair play. In other words: not a fuckin’ thing. We don’t take pay for this job. The Watchmen don’t received bonus experience, as that would tarnish the purpose of the team. The Watchmen aren’t above the law, and they are players like everyone else.

    Services we can provide: Arbitration, advice, representation, reality checks. We’re not here to be mouthpieces of the staff, or glad hand. If there’s an issue, a misstep, bad shit going on we have got to speak up. Also need to make sure that we’re not harbingers of whinging. We have to point out when shit is good. Did an ST do something great? Needs to be pointed out. Did we see awesome RP? Needs to be pointed out.

    Things to be watchful for internally: We’re not staff, we don’t reprimand, we don’t have official say in shit. We’re still players, and beholden to the rules like everyone else. We need to self-police. We need to make use of the 24-Hour rule when shit gets heated externally or internally. We need to be willing to tell people to chill the fuck out, go play a video game, or watch a movie, and come at it the next day with a clear head.

    Things we need: We might need a channel. #Embassy or #Council or #Liaisons or something. Somewhere players can come and very officially sound off on something. It’s better than having someone PM us. Though we shouldn’t shy from that, we might want to follow it with “Come talk to me in #channel.” to make it official. It’s going to be a lot like being a helper in ways. But not. We’re also going to need Staff to be willing to look at calls that have been made and change them, if things are deemed really unfair or out of whack. Though honestly that’s a fairly rare occurrence.

    A trigger phrase? In line with the previous thing, maybe we want players to be able to PM us and go “I need a Councilor.” very simple, but a very clear, specific phrase that means the player wants to officially talk to us on those grounds. We should not do any of this “off the record” or “between you and me” that’s a personal interaction between friends, and that’s fine. But our job is to open communication lines, not bury them. Doing things off the record means it didn’t happen, and it didn’t happen, then we don’t get involved, do we?

    Granted, there could be exceptions for really grievous shit, but I expect that to be hyper rare.