Fury Frenzy- EVERYONE does it or has

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    This is a (maybe not so) gentle reminder of what frenzy is, what it looks like and what your character will do and not do. No one is immune to frenzy, the Brujah are particular, are almost constantly susceptible to it.

    On the Brujah:
    If you play a Brujah, you most certainly have frenzied before the chronicle began. You may have even killed someone. It is inescapable and particularly young vampires (which you all are) have little ability to suppress the rage in their bodies via the Beast. It takes time and effort to learn to walk away, but even then, it is not likely you will be able to all the time.

    This is a given.

    On the Brujah and Everyone else:
    A vampire in frenzy is not nice nor do they merely punch people. According to the book:

    “A vampire in frenzy loses all
    capacity for rational thought,
    driven solely by rage, starvation,
    or panic. They do whatever it
    takes to rip their provocation to
    pieces, slake their Hunger, or escape
    the perceived threat, usually
    violently and with plenty of collateral
    damage. Unlike many other
    impulses of the Blood, a frenzy is
    never subtle.”

    Also from the book and pay close attention to this:
    "Provocation causes
    fury frenzy; insults, humiliation,
    or aggression risk unleashing
    bestial violence.

    A vampire in
    fury frenzy stops at nothing to
    tear the cause of the provocation
    to pieces, often together with
    anyone nearby: friend or foe.

    After destroying the subject of
    their ire, the vampire can make a
    Willpower test at Difficulty 3 (or
    5 if other enemies remain standing).

    Success ends the frenzy,
    while failing drives them deeper
    into the rage; they keep slaying
    anyone in the vicinity unless

    Notice the parts I bolded and italicized. “tear the cause of the provocation
    to pieces” and “destroy.” THAT is frenzy. You don’t slap or punch. You don’t use harsh words, you can not even speak coherently. You can not think coherentlly, you want nothing but to destroy. You ARE your Beast. Your Beast uses innate weapons, all vampires have fangs, some have claws. The Beast uses them. Both of them if you have them.

    This also applies to Riding the Wave. The difference is Riding the Wave is more focused. In frenzy, a Storyteller is supposed to take control of the character. When you Ride the Wave, you the player can choose who you frenzy upon- but if there is only one other person the scene, it’s that person. Whether or not they are the source of your pissed-offedness.

    Going forward, we will be calling for Frenzy more often. You can choose to call for it yourself or Ride the Wave if you so desire. If you do NOT play frenzy appropriately, we will take control of your character- as is clearly stated in the book we should.

    Per the book:
    “If not Riding the Wave, a
    vampire in frenzy becomes the
    property of the Storyteller for the

    We would prefer you play it yourself and play it correctly, but we will take control if you wish us to or do not play it as the game dictates.

    thank you.

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    Just a reminder, y’all need to remember this.

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    There is some confusion about when to roll if an ST is in the same channel as you. Whether or not an ST is in the channel is not relevant. You should know when your character is angry or humiliated. You can and should either roll to frenzy or Ride the Wave when this happens.

    You then have a choice. As stated above, Riding the Wave allows YOU to decide on whom you attack. Frenzy means you attack whoever is there, in the way. If you are alone with one other person, even if it is not the person who pissed you off, you attack them.

    According to the book, as stated above, if you roll to frenzy and fail, the STs are supposed to assume control of the character- but we are giving you the option of roleplaying it yourself. You can turn it over to us, we will do the “hard stuff” but you have the option of doing it yourself. If you Ride the Wave, you keep control of the char and can aim your frenzy.