• Lead Storytellers Administrators

    For some reason, when you use the !dice command, the results don’t show up in logs. From now on, when you roll, you must paste the results immediately afterward the roll, followed by the <# of results>

    This is mandatory.

    Thank you.

  • Bump! Please remember to paste your results after - including rolls done in rouse and hunting.

    In checking some recent logs this is not happening consistently. Please and thank you!

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Re-reminder. But the bot is in the works! YAY! It’s gonna be cool!

  • Storytellers

    This is what your rolls look like in the log if you don’t copy/paste the results.

    [20:34] !dice 7d10 3 Hunting on Redacted, with Redacted, for Redacted, h3
    [20:35] <Hunger 1>

    As you can see, if you aren’t copying and pasting the results your roll can not be verified. Several players have been observed not pasting their rolls in both #rouse and #hunting.

    A good hunting roll should look something like this.

    [16:43] !dice 6d10 Redacted The Strip Hunger 3 Redacted
    [16:44] Roll for Redacted: 6d10 Redacted The Strip Hunger 3 Redacted–> 26 ( 7 3 1 8 3 4 )
    [16:44] 2 successes, diff 2-> hunger 1

    By pasting the roll, we can actually confirm that the proper results are being reported. So please make sure that you are doing this on every roll so that it can be recorded accurately.