After Action Report


    Felicia is returned, Newhouse is torn apart, the Lady sent some sign of support and pleasure – the job is done. We don’t yet know long-term ramifications, ripple effects or aftermath. And just because our Baron is back doesn’t mean it’s at all okay she was taken and tormented. And I suspect that the power that Newhouse championed will find another proxy. Anything we can do to discover more of that connection or source will be important.

    The vulgar Giovanni proved his usefulness. His Mama seems nice. And with Newhouse gone, there are some vacuums in some important areas of influence. We should work to move into what we can, strengthen our holds, and always prepare for what’s next.


    A lot of things were done right…and a lot could be done better. I’ll likely touch on more of the latter than the former, since as posted at the outset – we won. All those item were in the ‘done right’ category.

    1. Communication – Not good. We need to improve in this a lot. The Crucible is, at its basic, divided into three different groups, and they each have a purpose. Major Crucible operations should always flow through that, with guidance from the Parliament that you all vote for. That didn’t really happen.

    This doesn’t mean that non-guild heads can’t take initiative – they can and should. But it should be funneled through their guild heads. Coming up with a plan is great, but if we’re thinking someone else should and will be coming up with one, your plan might get ignored. There was a plan developed last night. Unfortunately, it wasn’t shared broadly. Very few people knew what to expect and when. There was a lot of milling about and confusion. We went to considerable lengths to secure an asset – Leo – and then nobody communicated or coordinated with him.

    That being said, it was a good plan, and showed good initiative. I don’t at all suggest everyone should just wait for the guild heads; and I was glad to see some Licks stepping forward – from newcomers to more established ones. But I do suggest that they communicate with guild heads – or someone else. That way, Parliament can be kept in the loop, as can the Baron.

    Also, if you jump in fresh to something ongoing, sometimes folks just don’t have time to stop the scrambling and do a huge data dump. If you want in, roll with it and catch up, or else stay out.

    2. Follow-up – When shit gets done, there needs to be follow-through. If folks come up with a plan, they need to communicate it, or it won’t go off. If we get an asset, the appropriate people need to work with it. If information is discovered and shared, it needs to be acted on, or at least discussed.

    Failing to do it just means that a lot of time and effort ((**ooc – on the part of both players and STs)) goes down the drain.

    3. Moving Forward – As noted above, we need to stay vigilant. An enemy’s hand has been revealed. A powerful family within the City has been shown to be connected to an adversary, and they are still around.

    Spine has reiterated a number of times that they are stretched thin for being able to handle breach coverage. Hopefully, they’ll have time to build up. They’re not the only ones who use influence, though – everyone should. And new Licks – don’t be shy about offering your services to Spine to help them do that. Charge for boons, of course, but they’re good allies to have.

    Turf should be shored up. We have a lot of new Licks moving in, and they should be both encouraged to join the Crucible, as well as a guild. Guilds need to review their structures.


    I know we’re all Anarchs and nobody should tell nobody else what to do, but the reality is we’re part of a Movement, both the Anarchs generally and the Crucible locally. Our safety from the 2I rests largely upon our cooperation and common sense. Preserving our feeding with minimal disruption is always a top priority.

    A point was brought up that there were no guidelines for advisable behavior (such as what not to say over cell phones or texts). This is kinda Vampire 101, but a lot of us are still young, or even newly Embraced. And there ain’t a lot of old ones to lay some wisdom on us. So I expect we’ll see to making one of those, too.

    Again, these are my thoughts, and meant more to START a conversation than end it. I’d love to see input or questions from you folks.

    • Hector

  • Think you explained everything very well and it’s has shined some light on a few things.

  • Communication is a weak point. That is agreed. I’d love to see some definitive “this person came up with the plan, its their show” in the future.

    Also, how many of you licks heard the term “too many chefs spoils the broth”? I know we all have our own experience, and view point… but sometimes, like, say when our Baron is in the fucking Nether surrounded by Zombie pigmen and Ghasts, we need to learn when to STFU and get shit done. Just saying.

    Some of what I witnessed in the NM before we all got going last night can only be what I imagine the locker room of the Toronto Maple Leafs to look like. Eventually we got our shit together, and we saved the fucking day. But there was a while where I was worried that that wasn’t going to be the case. Let’s learn from this moving forward.

    Thank you, Hector, for that summary and reflection. It was well put together and thoughtful.

    • Emmeric

  • Unbound

    “'This person came up with the plan, its their show” in the future”

    Except this is exactly what caused some of the fuck up. If you’re on the planning committee you need to also be on the “not-assuming-someone-else-shared-the-plan” committee. Unless they pulled out a phone and you saw them send something it’s better for Emm to have a dozen texts asking if they got the plan than for them to not know what’s going on.


  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    I just be wanting to point out that the guilds are not the council. They are there to be doing a job and as such have a seat on the council… things do not be needing to go through them. When it is an external threat and the council and/or guild is needed, then it runs through that council. Sure the guilds may take point on certain topics, but they ain’t the decision makers for good reason. Outside of that we’re crucible anarchs, so people be responsible for self starting too.

    • Yves