Note from Angelo

  • ((Added to the book in hand writing that is neither neat nor really messy is the following))

    Guess we are all doing this, might as well make it official all the way around so there isn’t any mistakes.

    But Seven Points is ours. We are the Unshackled. Including Tia, Talitha, Aidan, Jace and myself Angelo.

    This is our domain, with all the rules that go along with that. Talk to us if you’re gonna be doing anything in the area. Feeding or any of your business dealings.


  • Hilt

    One of you must contact me. My business was already in operation in Seven Points by the time of your claim. I trust that we can find a solution that benefits both of us.
    My number is ####.
    Feel free to leave a discreet voicemail. ((Cuz I can’t ic this wk)).