Blush of Life, looking "alive", and smartphones

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    So I am not further derailing an IC thread, it states explicitly in the book that you MUST use Blush of Life to use a smartphone. I’m not just saying that to say it. 😕

    Here is the copypasta from the book:

    • "Non thin-blooded vampires
      must use Blush of Life to use touch
      screens – such as those on smart
      phones – unaided, which don’t
      work without the skin moisture
      and conductivity of the living.

    Blush of Life generally allows
    a vampire to consume food and
    drink without vomiting for up to
    an hour. Without it, vampires must
    make an immediate Composure

    Stamina test (Difficulty 3) to be
    able to get outside or to a bathroom
    in time.
    Depending on their Humanity,
    vampires can fake or sometimes
    even enjoy sexual intercourse while
    Blush of Life is active (see p. 236.) ((Editorial edit: That would be if you are humanity 8+))

    At Humanity 9 or higher,
    vampires appear ill or “heroin chic”
    rather than dead; their heartbeat,
    pulse, and breath seem thready
    but detectable. They do not need
    to use Blush of Life for other than
    cosmetic purposes.

    Bringing on the Blush of Life
    requires a Rouse Check."

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    And no, you can’t use heat packs to warm your hands enough to use a phone. Sorry, I didn’t write the book, dats how it is.