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    Like Kanye recently, Domain has undergone a name change with the new direction of the game, and will now be known as Turf. This is split up into Chasse (size, how well stocked, vulnerable, and rich), Lien (how well integrated the coterie is in the domain), and Portillon (how secure against intrusion). We will look at Turf in the same way as influence… you have to put in the work to justify going up in a level before you can get it.

    How Turf is comprised

    The city is split up into a number of sectors and each of those consists of a number of zones.

    So a Sector would be: Uptown.

    Uptown comprises of 5 zones (Uptown main, Mason’s Square, Branton Academy, Government Square, The Strip)

    How does this work? Well if my coterie stakes a claim to Mason’s Square, that’s a zone. If another coterie takes a dot in the same zone, then nobody else can (unless they work to break apart that and steal it through IC actions). However if either of us raise to level 2, then the other coterie is kicked out of their Turf and will have to reform somewhere else.

    If a coterie raises their Chasse in Mason’s Square up to a 3, then it is considered they have a small level of control over the whole Uptown sector. Another coterie that had Chasse 3, say in Branton Academy, would have equal sway. There can be three coteries in this situation. However if one of the coteries gets to Chasse 4, then all other coteries in that sector would be kicked out (dots wouldn’t be lost for spend purposes, but they would need to RP getting them back). They can of course fight back for these.

    Why does this matter?

    Turf and resonance will have modifiers beyond the 1 success base roll needed to feed. These would stack.

    If hunting for primary zone resonance = base roll
    If hunting for secondary zone resonance = +1 difficulty
    If hunting outside of zone resonance = +2 difficulty

    If hunting in an zone with no Turf = base roll
    If hunting in a zone with Turf at Chasse 1 = +1 difficulty/ -1 difficulty if yours
    (If a zone has two Turfs, STs will determine which one of the two the hunt happens in)
    If hunting in a zone with Turf at Chasse 2 = +2 difficulty/ -2 difficulty if yours
    If hunting in a zone with Turf at Chasse 3 = +3 difficulty/ -3 difficulty if yours
    If hunting in a zone with Turf at Chasse 4 = +4 difficulty/ -4 difficulty if yours

    There will be some more to come out about all of this, so keep an eye out 🙂

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Please note, for ease of use in our game, Lien and Portillon will feed into the ability to gain Chasse. In the book this can be separated out, but that isn’t going to work great for us.