Amalgam powers and disciplines

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    We will be allowing people to choose amalgam powers from the book as per the normal discipline selection as long as the requirements are fulfilled. However do keep in mind that any discipline tract can only have 5 dots - in total. This means that if you have two level 1 disciplines then one of the later ones won’t be able to be gotten. You also can only buy at the same level or downwards, so if you are buying level 3, then you can choose any level 3 discipline power (if there are multiple) - or lower. You cannot go higher with a purchase and miss a level out in that way. The cost however will be as per the level you are purchasing, so even if you are buying level 2 Fortitude, but want to take the second level 1 power, it would still cost 10XP, not 5XP.

    Hope that makes sense!