End of soft play, XP, and name changes

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    So, we did it! We managed to get through the soft play phase of the new setting. Huzzah! Hopefully everybody had fun and eased into the new setting. From now on we shall be in full play and this means that those feeding oopsies will be acted on now, as well as the rule that a badly tagged roll doesn’t count and must be re-rolled, regardless of the result. So keep that in mind 🙂

    We would also like people who have three letter names to update that to a minimum of four. If that is a name change, see us in chambers and we’ll fix it for you on the sheet or create a new bot entry. Please do this before…

    … you request XP. Everyone who played 2+ nights during soft play can request 2XP in the bot and we’ll do that in a few days. This does not impact this weeks RP and so the usual early birds will just have to wait.

    Regular XP discussion is here, so you know what to expect:
    XP Post

    The first 2XP can be requested in the bot as usual, but the additional XP will be requested via a form, which will be shared later.