Turf Disambiguation: Chasse, Lien, Portillion

  • Hilt Unbound

    It was noted that these are being merged here. Not separate like in the books. But still 3 backgrounds. Please unconfuse me.

    They’re merged?
    They’re three?
    Are they the Holy Trinity?


  • Storytellers

    The three still exist. However, in order to buy Chasse (which confers the feeding benefits etc), you have to have Portillon and Lien at that level.

    So to buy Chasse 1, you’d have to have Port and Lien at 1 prior.

    Same for level 2 etc.

  • Apologies to James for hijacking his thread but this brings up a question I have been mulling over all morning.

    How will the STs handle experience expenditures towards Chasse, Lien and Portillon? Does each member in the coterie have to buy a point of each or do they contribute X number of experience points towards them?

  • Does Chasse 1 require it’s own purchase or does it just occur when the others are met?

    Follow up, does anything else need to be purchased in addition to Lien and Port?

  • @zahana You have to buy Chasse just like Lien and Portillon. As to your second question, it is possible you may have to buy additional Allies/Contacts in addition to Lien and Portillon in order to unlock the option to buy Chasse.