Regarding Milo

  • :: The handwriting was meticulous and neat. ::

    Re: October 8, 2018.
    Location: Dancing Wheels Roller Rink ~ Night Market

    Milo of the Nosferatu was destroyed by the Camarilla Sheriff for breaching the Masquerade. I don’t know the particulars, exactly, other than there was a breach, he didn’t clean it up, attracted the Sheriff, and got beheaded right in front of a group of us.

    The warning I took from it, in the words of Mr. Johnson are:
    :: Cursive writing now ::

    "We have one rule. One rule - honor the Masquerade. And the second one, respect the Night Market."

    :: Back to the meticulous and neat writing ::
    Mr. Johnson also stated that Milo endangered the Night Market by coming here, instead of staying away until the heat was off. It endangers us all. We take care of our own mess-ups. If you know about an incident, "fix it, or eliminate it."