Sanguinus Cookbook 2.0

  • I posted this on the board shortly before the new chronicle was rolled out. It seemed like people had some fun with it and Cam suggested (weeks ago) that I post it again so here we are: Sanguinus Cookbook 2.0.

    For those who don’t remember or for people who have just joined, I want to know what your character’s favorite meal was when they were still a living, breathing mortal. It can be your current character or a past character and you can either post a recipe or just pictures/a description. The only rule really is to avoid “spoilers”; don’t include any information that wouldn’t already be common knowledge or has no bearing on your existing character’s goals/motivations/etc.

    Nora’s favorite meal, honestly, was probably a super fancy breakfast. This spread probably featured at the dining table as she was growing up fairly often, as well as throughout her adulthood.

  • I really have to think about this, cause I’m not 100% sure. I’ll get back to you. HMM.

  • Hilt

    I’ll prolly have to play Doc another week or two before I can be sure. He needs to come to a life of his own first or I’d just be posting like “Well, he has a faint Russian accent so I guess it was Borscht and Vodka,” which is basically the character version of turning him into a cardboard cutout.

  • @onyx But what if he really does like those things? What then!?

  • Hilt

    @jess Totes possible. But there’s a difference between stereotyping your character and getting to know them.

  • Storytellers

    TJ was definitely a wings dude. Couldn’t cook them for shit, but this place would have been on speed dial.

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Grits and cheese + rest of breakfast food.

  • Fish would be her favorite. Add some rice in there and call it good!