Weapon Concealment

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    So, the original rule about rolling for concealment of weapons was to only apply to people who wanted to be a walking arsenal. It was not meant to be for people carrying a small weapon concealed in the things the chart says it can be concealed in.
    For example, a knife in a jacket, a pistol in a holster under your arm.
    We are going back to the original rule and if you have a concealable weapon on your sheet, it is assumed it is on your person.

    Your responsibility is to report all weapons you NORMALLY carry so they are on your sheet and reasonable. You will not then need to report to us daily.

    If you want to carry on your person, a gun, a rifle, a machete, a bazooka, stakes, tazers, and your lethally applied makeup that SLAYS, you need to roll.