Murder Mystery in Southside

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    Murder Mystery in Southside

    PLUS NEWS - INTRO – 00:11
    — Carlos Marques

    Ghoulish scenes were reported last night when the body of a young man was found in the middle of the street. Police have yet to release the victims name or any details about what transpired, but sources say that the man suffered a snapped neck. Hours later during the early morning a headless female corpse was found by refuse collectors, a short walk from the body of the man. It is unclear if the two incidents are linked in some way, and police have confirmed that the head is yet to be found.

    Investigations are ongoing and the area is seeing a heightened police presence whilst this is underway. If the public have any information they have been urged to call the Branton PD tip line at .

    This has been Rebecca O’Hare reporting for Plus! News

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