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    J, I got you a pack of tampons. Left them by the back door.

    And I’m just leaving a note to say that we may be in a fucking gang war because J has his panties too tight. Got all up in Y’s face, making threats, because the man is upper class and blue blood means tower, apparently. Yves is the same as us, he’s outside. He likes the tower about as much as we do.

    So J got in the man’s fucking face making threats until Y pulled a gun. J smacked the guy in the face and threw him halfway across the room before Y could get any hits in. I tried to get between and break up stupid but no, they kept going. J got himself shot more than once so I stabbed Y then every motherfucker dog piled in, including all of you but Ta who wasn’t there, assuming our boy was just being attacked - I managed to break shit up finally with a bit of help.

    Yeah, no. This whole shit was because J decided death-fight first instead of asking what crew.

    And so now we’re probably in a war with Y’s crew. Unless we reach out to make good, fast.

    Watch your backs.

    • T

  • I will try to put a word with Boris, seeing as he is with them. As he is of my clan, I should be able to talk to him in private. I will keep y’all updated.

  • Unbound

    I appreciate the confidence T. No truly.

    Shiit. Wel since I love you guys I will try to reach this asshole. I still have his card. Now nobody can say I was the one looking for a fight.

    Probably would be a good idea to not be alone.

    With love.

    Mr J. The one and only.

    ((I won’t be here tomorrow but I can after tomorrow. Of course it depends on NIk availibity as well))

  • Spoke to TJ tonight. He’s gonna go back to his people and get them to not jump the gun. J you gotta clear this shit up with Yves. Don’t care how but find a fucking way.

    TJ didn’t wanna go to war any more then we do. So he’s gonna see what he can do on his end. But the faster this goes away the better Jace.

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    Can we get an update on this? Or is it gonna hang in the wind?


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    So what’s happening? Have you managed to clear up your flaming shit, J?

    • T

  • Was with TJ and Boris who is one of them now as well. And neither mentioned anything. Upside they didn’t feel the need to kill me either. But the sooner this does get cleaned up the better for all of us.


  • Unbound

    ((sorry guys got a late change of shift so won"t be able to be ic tonight and probably tomorrow too although I’ll try. So I guess you’ll have to “deal with this mess” a while longer. :P))

  • Unbound

    So as promised I met that psycho tonight. Phoned him trying to be diplomat and set up a meeting to discuss a truce between the two of us.

    The last thing I expected however is to walk into a trap! Well not really I kind of expected it but this asshole overdid himself bringing Molotov and heavy weaponries in such a short notice!

    That maniac tried to get me with fire and frankly I was lucky to get away without ending in ashes.
    I think it is pretty obvious now that this maniac only wants my skin. Hopefully if there is any justice in this world he burned in the mess he created.

    I hope you will be grateful that I almost died two times now because of you guys wishing me to show restraints with a trigger happy lunatic.

    Mr. J. The man who came back from Hell.

  • Unbound

    ((actually the meeting was yesterday the night of the 13th))