Caitiff and Thin Bloods and YOU

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    So, just a reminder:

    Caitiff are Suspect- they have that Flaw. They are distrusted and their place in Kindred society is just one step above Thin Blood. This makes them a thing of derision and suspiciousness. You do not know WHY but you DO know that.

    They need to be treated as such.

    Thin Bloods on the other hand, are Shunned - they have that Flaw. You can speak to them but you should never feel bad for them, say you pity them, etc etc. They are dangerous creatures who aren’t “real” Vampires. Many are branded - as a warning to people to not create them and to tell people they exist and to watch for them. But many, MANY are just outright killed.

    Trust me, if given half a chance they go one of two ways- they diablerize and become a “real” Vampire or there are rumors some choose to walk in the day and become mortal again. Neither prospect is good. Think on it.

    Both of these need to be played and played consistently.

    Thank you.