Hastily written note in the Book

  • Storytellers

    Some bodies where found by the cops in Southside the other night by the cops. It made the news. Now I ain’t sayin’ any reading this did had anything to do with it, but was you stop being sloppy. Shit goes down in Southside all the time. It’s gotta be pretty fucked up to make the news. If it makes the news, 2I know about it and the Tower know about it. Be careful out, it ain’t just the cops that are watchin’ for mofo’s to slip up.

  • ::Written in silver ink::

    Certain people and families (such as our more unusual-looking friends) are better equipped for making a mess disappear. Reach out to them. A favor to repay later is a better option than losing your head over it, and endangering the rest of us.