We have two weeks

  • ((written in a neat and elegant hand is the following))
    …until we have to deal with a very angry Tower. You may have seen on the news that a pair of bodies were recently found in the south side. The Sheriff payed a visit to the Night Market, and let it be known that we’ve got two weeks to find and deal with whomever created this mess. Mr. Johnson is also less than impressed with the current situation.

    Unless someone would like to confess, it seems we’ve got some detective work to do. Any suggestions for punishments, once we find the culprit? Decapitation seems to be the current standard for breaches.


  • ::Written in silver pen::

    I see no other way than death. They’ve put us all in an even more dangerous place.

  • I’m looking into it. If you see me around, I’ll be prepared to collaborate.